Rock Blog Monday 06/04/07

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So, how was your weekend? Did you do anything awesome?

This Monday is a bit of a shakeup- we have four blogs and as of this message one of our regular Monday bloggers, Heather, hasn't submitted yet. What we have then is Dan (with his blog from Friday that had to be edited down a bit so as not to blow the lid off some features just quite yet (don't worry, it is coming, we do plan on showing some news about this game before it actually comes out. That is a promise. We also have the triumphant return of the venue pit which has been off on sabbatical. Next is Sasquatch King with an eloquent piece on jerks and why you shouldn't actually mess with Sasquatch despite what you saw on TV. And lastly we have Canfield bringing his blog in a day early, he'll be talking about some off the radar games that you maybe haven't played and maybe should.

Battilana Shows His Vacation Pictures

DanT Answeres A Few Questions

Sasquatch King Strongly Dislikes Jerks

Canfield Scratches Your Gaming Itch With Some Stuff You've Maybe Never Played


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