Crust punk/d-beat?

afterstasisafterstasis Washed Up
edited June 2009 in Your Ultimate Setlist
In case the notion of black metal (mentioned fairly often in request threads), noise-rock (we've had sonic youth and made in mexico in Guitar Hero, plus one of the lightning bolt fellows works for HMX), and free jazz (well, i guess this is just a personal thing) isn't wild enough, perhaps there is hope for some crust/d-beat... though something like dystopia, amebix, or doom will surely never materialize (poor recording methods, sloppy off-time parts, VOCALS, etc.), perhaps something like the new disfear or tragedy would be more managable...
At this point it looks nigh hopeless, but let's push further... Any fan of this music will know a very high percentage of these bands have politics that would definitely not coexist with having their music in a video game. Perhaps this will see light one day, though most likely not. Maybe if we ever get the ability to do customs?


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