Yep - ANOTHER n00by Guitar Thread

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First off, apologies first. My other threads are dead, right down on the next page, but this has been adjusted to the EXACT two guitars I can pick from.

So, here we go AGAIN! I have two choices now - the Epiphone G-310/Special (very similar guitars, similar prices, I won't count them as seperate, the first two are these:

Now, I know you all love the Les Paul, both the SG and LP seem to suit my musical style (although the Strat would be best because my musical choice is vague, thats not a guitar for me atm as a noob with little money, but a Squier... nonono). Now this is a pack including the LP Special II, I think the most basic: forget the amp or w.e. with it, its just the question below I need.

Now I know w.e. happens they're gonna be similar sound wise for a n00b like me. But, for my playing style and me being a NOOB learning, what would I be best with (remember that this LP is a lot lighter)


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