question about the defective guitars?

BrownBrown Opening Act
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i just got my rock band set for ps3 3 days ago, everything is working but the strum on the guitar is really stiff. its hard to play full lines of notes cuz it does not press down that much, it also does not pick up notes time to time. does these things have something to do with the defective ones.


  • GryffindorGryffindor Road Warrior
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    The stiff strum bar is normal.

    Not picking up all of the notes, since you're new to the game, is most likely you. If you're used to playing Guitar Hero 3, you'll notice that RB gives a much shorter window to hit the notes. It takes everyone a little time to adjust. Keep playing and you'll get the hang of it.

    Another problem could be your calibration is off. You can try and use the default TV settings or manually calibrate. If that doesn't seem to work, look up the many calibration threads (use the search function). Since the recent release of the 1.3 patch RB has had some problems with calibration for some users.

    If you notice double struming then that is the main sign of a broken guitar. At that point you would need to RMA it. But, for now, try the suggestions above.
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    for calibration go to the community's greatest hits forum and read the black magic calibration thread
  • BrownBrown Opening Act
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    alrighty ill check it out thanks
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