The "OFFICIAL" Weezer Request Thread

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Hey all you Weezer fans! I think the best way to organize a Weezer would be to have everyone who wants them to post their top three song choices from the band in their post. I will keep an updated list in this original post, and hopefully HMX can see what songs we desperately want.

Remember top three Weezer songs only.
Also take place in the Full Album Poll!!!
NOTE: If you can, please post the Album the song is from.

Song-Album (Vote)
Beverly Hills-Make Believe (8)

Undone (The Sweater Song)-Blue Album (6)
Hash Pipe-Green Album (6)

Perfect Situation-Make Believe (4)

My Name is Jonas-Blue Album (3)
Island in the Sun-Green Album (3)

Surf Wax America-Blue Album (2)
Keep Fishin'-Maladroit (2)
We Are All on Drugs-Make Believe (2)

Only in Dreams-Blue Album (1)
Susanne-Blue Album (Extended) (1)
Across the Sea-Pinkerton (1)
The Good Life-Pinkerton (1)
Knock Down, Drag Out-Green Album (1)
Dope Nose-Maladroit (1)
Slave-Maladroit (1)
Pork and Beans-Red Album (1)


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