The Metal RPG.

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Me and a couple of my friends are making a game developed in RPG Maker, and we need some suggestions.

Concept: Metal. The history of it, and the legendary icons that formed it. It'll be in the style of the early Final Fantasy games, and games similar to FF.

- Mix and match timeless rock-icons to form the greatest supergroup in Metal history!
- 5 Classes with their own individual abilities and skills:
Vocalist: Uses various microphones as weapons, able to summon creatures such as Eddie of Iron Maiden and The Sandman of Metallica.
Guitarist: Uses various guitars as weapons.
Bassist: Uses various bass guitars as weapons.
Drummer: Uses various drumsets as weapons.
Frontman: Has most of the same ablities as guitarists and vocalists.


The game is in it's early conceptual stage, so we could use some suggestions for enemies, bosses, story, ect;. Any comments would be great

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    Are you going to have a Manager character as some sort of defensive/healing class? He could use his powerful legal breifs to defend the rest of the band from the vicious attacks of upset parents and right-wing politicians...
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    It sounds like a pretty original idea, and I'd like to see it finished one day. But it also seems pretty ambitious. Right now the concept is very vague. Is it going to be a parody, or is it going to take itself seriously? How is the music going to come into play in the story, or in gameplay? I've worked on a small team of game design hobbyists before. In order to be successful, you have to be able to paint a pretty vivid picture of what your game is gonna be when it's done, and you also have to be a pretty good judge of what you and your team are capable of. Anyway, I'd be glad to help out playtesting and stuff when you reach that stage.
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    make it an RPG like knights of the old republic and we're talking, but if this is like Final Fantasy crap i shall not participate
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    New Characters:

    ~Band Members~

    The Keyboardist/Keytarist -- The least popular of the group. Uses Keyboards/Keytars as weapon. Focused mostly in party support/ability boosts.

    Rhythm Guitarist -- Like a lead guitarist, but minus the frontman transformation ability and plus some of the keytarists abilities. Similar to a Red Mage.

    ~Non-Band Members~

    Manager -- Same as Kang's suggestion but can't be used in Band face-offs or at concerts. The most powerful character in the game in terms of attacks and abilities but can be taken down much easier.

    Roadie -- (If you take a 'FF Tactics' approach.) He's an expendable unit, the pawn of Rock. No special abilities and only moderate attack and light defense. Comparable to a Black Belt.

    Security -- (Again, Tactical RPG approach.) The upgrade of a Roadie. A few special rock abilities with increased attack and defense. Think of it as your Ninja.

    Technician -- (Tactical RPG). The OTHER Roadie upgrade. The attack and defense stays the same, but they gain the ability to use any weapon. They also get more special rock abilities than Security.

    Groupie -- (Tactical RPG). The weakest unit. Weak attacks, weak defense. They have special healing abilities and they're the only way a band can regain power for special abilities. Imagine a White Mage that can heal HP and MP, but can't do much of anything else.

    Girlfriend/Boyfriend -- (Tactical RPG). Upgrades from Groupie. The healing abilities increase significantly. They also gain a much stronger defense and have a moderately stronger attack. Downsides are upkeep (Girl/Boyfriends require money to stay interested) and they can only be used by one character. If used by another character or don't get their pay, they turn back into a groupie and lose all their gained abilities.

    Wife/Husband - (Tactical RPG) Upgrades from Girlfriend/Boyfriend. Healing abilities are amazing. Powerful attacks and defense. Requires no more upkeep. If used by another character, band looses half of the income.

    ~Redesigned Band Members~

    Frontman: He has abilities different from other band members. There can only be one front man for the band. The front man upgrades from any one of the band members. While they've retained the abilities they've learned as a guitarist/vocalist/whatever and their place in the band, they cannot learn any more moves under the guitarists/vocalist/whatever bracket. Instead, they open up a whole new set of abilities and possibilities, including talking to the media and getting a celebrity girlfriend/boyfriend (a more powerful/more expensive version of a regular girlfriend/boyfriend)

    ~Transformation Chart~

    Lead Guitarist
    Rhythm Guitarist -----> Front man (there can be only one!)

    Manager -----> Producer?

    ............ /
    Roadie <

    Groupie -----> Boy/Girlfriend -----> Wife/Husband

    Celebrity Boy/Girlfriend -----> Celebrity Wife/Husband
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    Kang_Ziricon : Haha, definitely taken into consideration.
    Podruvan : Well, I'd say it's a parody, if you consider fighting Jimi Hendrix as a Boss serious. :p. If you've ever played Final Fantasy's 1-4, (American versions) then you have a basic idea of how the gameplay's going to be shaped. We'll be making tracks from scratch for the music, we don't want to get any cease and desist letters, and the battle theme's turning out pretty sweet right now. :D

    Consumer_Whore: Wow, all of those thoughts are definitely taken into consideration, but as I said it's going to be in the style of the early FFs, so no Tactic-y-ness.

    More info about the game is coming soon, but keep the ideas coming!
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