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Just wanted to plug some of the new content we have on the site this week, featuring a couple of our talented inhouse writers. Heather Wilson had a good chat with Jonathan Coulton, who created the hotly-discussed "Still Alive". And our own Hellion (whose Vagiant song you'll have rocked to) introduces the first chapter of her guide to living the rock life. It's a pretty hilarious piece with a lot of inside info; she'll be back with more every month.

Coming up later in the week is my talk with Dresden Doll Brian Viglione, who was just in the studio with Trent Reznor. He just sent along a nifty photo of the homemade drum kit he played on NiN's "Ghost I-IV".

Rock on!

edit for the links!

Heather's Coulton Interview!
The Hellion's Guide to Rock PART OEN!!!11


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