Rock Blog Wednesday 06/06/07

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So how you guys liking the song submission tool on the front page? Is it working out for you? Having you been using it? Do you have a better name for it than "song submission tool?" So today is 06/06/07. Last year for 06/06/06 Harmonix celebrated Slayer day by putting on corpse paint-


Man, a year has really flown by.

So today we have a couple blogs. We have Moss who is getting into some really deep programmery stuff about how random numbers are used in video games. It is intriguing stuff and I don't think he even once yells out "Natural 20! That's a crit!" So that is good. Then right after that you have my blog which explains the mysteries and vagueries of why we haven't released more info yet.

Seriosuly though, let me know a better name for the song submitter.

Moss Gets Random

Sean Does His Blah Blah Blah Thing About The PR Machine


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