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Vandyan;481458 said:
Ahh but we have our own money grubbing whores (EA - and god have mercy on my soul for saying theyre on my side), and EA can money grub with the best of them. Not to mention that RB has been far more successful in terms of DLC, which the artists can easily relate to iTunes, something they are already comfortable with. Granted I hope that exclusivity doesnt come into play at all, and like I said Ill try and stay positive until proved otherwise, but if it does come into play, dont doubt the strength or influence EA has.
o1skinneej;481470 said:
Point well taken. Another factor might be band egos. For instance some big name band that we all want to see as DLC might think that since bands like Aerosmith are getting thier OWN game, hey they might want that too. If this happens I hope we can expect HMX to put out Band Expansions, or (thought of this the other night) BOXED SETS. Maybe a bands full catalog of songs or most of them or whatever. I think EA can pull the strings it needs to, I'm just bracing for warfare.

*ducks and covers*
I just thought this might warrant some discussion. Y/N?


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    But, if I were in the band's shoes - while this does sound like a valid argument - I'd rather let my music be standard DLC instead of going for the small chance that I'll get my own game. But that's just me.
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    In response to the second quote.

    Isn't this why Rock Band has DLC Everyweek, and mostly important "Albums"?...eventually. So that we don't have to buy a whole new game for ONE band and the bands that they tour with?
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    Sarge51;481590 said:
    In response to the second quote.

    Isn't this why Rock Band has DLC Everyweek, and mostly important "Albums"?...eventually. So that we don't have to buy a whole new game for ONE band and the bands that they tour with?
    So as far as the marketplace is concerned, does a few RB albums = a GH game for 1 band? Will the albums be successful in offsetting the new 1 band GH (possible)trend?

    I think so, I just am afraid of GH getting band that IMO should "rightly" be in RB. Pretty sad, huh?
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    Ive said pretty much all I care to on this topic (I know 70% of you just said to yourselves yeah right, fat chance this guy ever shuts up :p)

    I hope it doesnt happen, I think its a terrible thing for the fans. Until it starts happening though, Im not going to dwell on negatives, and will continue to be optimistic that the artists will see that its neither good for them or their fans to limit their exposure to any one game.
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    I've been thinking about the GH Aerosmith and possibly Beatles. I would think that a band looking to make some cash or furthur promote themselves would not limit their music to just one company. But for those big names that are not in need of either of those, they may be more likely won over if they are offered their own game.

    Rockband could still offer this with their original platform plan. For bands like Beatles, Pink Floyd or Zeppelin they could be offered a specialized album deal. We would pay a higher price as a specialized DLC set, or buy an expansion disk with just that bands content for the same price as the DLC.

    With it the band could be offered their own city and venues, specialized clothing and instruments, custom stage and crowds, non played band members that would look like the real band members... you get the point.
    Why we're at it, lets include some none RB content, maybe some video content, interviews, and mp3's that we can enjoy when we're not actually playing the game. That should stoke some egos just as well as a dedicated GH game but would be more affordable since we already own the platform.

    I for one would not hesitate to lay down some doe if I could have my character jamming on stage with members of Floyd, performing to a sold out stadium complete with the killer laser light show. Oh yea, and have the crowd sing along if I am doing good enough. ;)
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    i really dont even see the point of this big discussion both companies are doing similar things via different strategies. If anyone is thinking this new GH will be some monumental sequal, they are kidding themselves, most likely it will be new songs with new Aerosmith themes and brand spanking new in game ads to plug. Also for the record the game is not solely aerosmith, they are simply the most prominent as in they have like 60 percent of the songs.....

    this will either be a massive win or drastic downfall IMO simply because you are putting so much stock into everyone wanting to play aerosmith so much. I'm sorry but I could spend 60 dollars on alot of other things before I would want to play them all day long.

    In a similar fashion Rock Band does this only on a digital scale. Rather then hold out on songs to release a bunch of new ones on a disc we get them as they pertain to an event or when they are ready to hit the marketplace. IT also gives the consumer to not have to purchase all of the songs especially if they do not like a particular artist, whereas If I don't like aerosmith on GH, too bad im stuck with him.

    if GH ever made a richie sambora edition of GH though, well maybe my story would be different.... :D
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