Rock Band Launches in Three EU Territories

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In addition to the 58 tracks from the North American release, Rock Band will feature nine new tracks spanning French, German and UK hits including:

• Die Toten Hosen “Hier Kommt Alex” (German)
• Juli “Perfekte Welle” (German)
• H-Block X “Countdown to Insanity” (German)
• Blur “Beettlebum” (English)
• Oasis “Rock ‘n’ roll star” (English)
• Tokio Hotel “Monsoon” (English)
• Muse “Hysteria” (English)
• Les Wampas “Manu Chao” (French)
• Playmo “New Wave” (French)

WILL WE HAVE THOSE SONGS HERE TOO IN NORTH AMERICA?!?!? I love french and german bands!!


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