Rock Blog Friday 09/14/07 - Fried Chicken Edition

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I just noticed this. Friday and Fried Chicken both begin with a "Fry" sound. I'm pretty sure that makes today Fried Chicken Day. Is anyone else hungry now?

Sean is probably out rubbing elbows with celebrities. (or perhaps cleaning up poop for his new dog... ahh, but I repeat myself ;) ) So, I wanted to take a moment as the newest moderator to introduce myself, say hello, and thank Sean for the opportunity to get involved with the community here. Many of you have seen me around, and I genuinely enjoy my time here in a great community on the rise.

Here is a quick rundown of the blog scene today. It's a harrowing plot of intrigue and suspense!

Spray N wipe has a very interesting breakdown of the Lag Calibration tool that will be included in Rock Band. Owners of these new-fangled TV sets should enjoy the read.

What's this Lag Calibration thing-a-ma-jig?

The HMX QC team discusses the worst bugs the community has found in its video gaming. Included are several horrifying bug-ular images.

Bugs! Ahh! Scary!

HMX Chris Canfield discusses his pre-production role in keeping a "quirky" style and flavor in a large project like Rock Band.

Staying Quirky

HMX Heather discusses a recent article in Wired magazine featuring Rock Band, along with the perils of an office move.

Harmonix is Wired!

On the forum side of things, Cezar515 is keeping tabs on Rock Band in his own way with a very nice and detailed breakdown of setlist information for the game. While this is a totally unofficial thread, it has a lot of well-organized and interesting information.

Info About The Songs


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