DLC Week April 22nd: First full album- Judas Priest!

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Hey everyone,

We're proud to unleash our first full album upon the masses- Judas Priest's 1982 classic Screaming For Vengeance! All tracks will be available separately for $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points), or as a whole album for $14.99 (1200 Microsoft Points). Full press release here.

All the following tracks are by Judas Priest and are masters-

“The Hellion/Electric Eye”

“Riding on the Wind”


“(Take These) Chains”

“Pain and Pleasure”

“Screaming for Vengeance”

“You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’”


“Devil’s Child”

This is awesome. Any other sweet albums coming?

We're also happy to announce two more albums that are in the pipeline and coming in the near future- The Cars album The Cars and the Pixies Doolittle.

What about Who's Next?

Stay tuned! We'll have updates on upcoming DLC soon, including The Who, as information becomes available.

To discuss this week's DLC please go here

For song credits please visit here.

And as always for awesome background history on our tracks written by our own in-house rock anthropologist, Brett Milano, please visit Rockband.com/Life.
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