Please 3 groups at once - Bob Dylan!

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So I was going through my playlist and looking at all the covers of songs I have and realized that I have a cover of Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" by a modern rock band called Anberlin. This cover is more suitable to the rock band format than the original version is. I don't want the harmonica charted to my guitar thanks :)

Anyway here are the three groups this song could please.

1) Bob Dylan fans - One of his songs in the game would please a lot of people, but most of his songs don't fit the instrument layout that Rock Band is based on. What better way to get his songs in the game than a cover by another band in a format suitable to Rock Band?

2) Christian Band supporters - Every so often, a topic pops up asking for Christian rock bands to be in Rock Band. Anberlin happens to be a Christian band, but the song was not written by them so there's no argument about religious themed music being offensive.

3) Modern Rock fans - Even more often, a topic surfaces where someone complains that the DLC as of late has been 'too classic-rock oriented' or whatever they feel the problem is. Most of them want some post '00 bands (and a lot of them just don't know what they want at all), but this would keep them happy for at least a week.

To close out the post, here's the song that I'm talking about. Please have a listen and tell me if you think this is a good idea for Rock Band!


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