Wtb Midi Support For RB Drums

PeekaPeeka Unsigned
edited April 2008 in Rock Band
I know cracking open a $80 drum set to solder it when you never soldered anything befor is half the fun but wouldnt it be nice to play your real electronic drum set with out soldering >_<

I'm not a programmer or anything but how electronic drum mod works now is the electronic drum set midi out sends a signal that gets decoded and flips a relay that goes to the RB drums

So if ther was a RB midi controller with the chip that tells the console its a drum set and comes with a program that you hook up to your computer hit the drum pad it reads the code the drum kit sent out and can program the controller to play red when you hit the snare and so on or already have the buttons mapped out for the small number of electronic drum makers

Well here is the goal http://youtube.com/watch?v=4AbxI41AJEU
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