Battle Hat!

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On a lark Johnlok and I came up with a pretty brilliant (dumb) idea. Often times we find ourselves (in Community/Webtown) sitting at our desks, reading the forums, and trying to entertain ourselves by wondering which of two things would win in a fight. We then discuss and debate the relative merits of each of the two things and then determine a winner. No one agrees, it turns into a larger fight, and then things get thrown. Good times.

The thing is, though, sometimes we can't be bothered to just come up with two things. Sometimes we just want the two things chosen by sheer chance.

Hence the BATTLE HAT! It is a standard baseball cap filled with bits of chopped up index cards on which things have been written. Community Team basically sits in a hallway between two major sections of Harmonix and occasionally we can just grab people walking by to reach into the hat for us and pull out a name.

So far we have some pretty impressive names in this hat. But we are looking for more in case you want to suggest some we might like to throw in post it here so we can add it to the hat if it is exceptionally rad. Make it good, there is some pretty awesome competition in the hat already.

Are you man/woman enough to enter... THE BATTLE HAT?!?!?!?!?!?!11!!


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