HMX get this Album: GRACE UNDER PRESSURE by Rush

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Every Album request I have seen for Rush is usually 2112, but I daresay I would rather have this underrated gem from 1984!
Man this would be an awesome album DLC. I know Geddy switches from Bass to Keys frequently , but Bass could cover both. I would pay triple for it...

"Distant Early Warning" – 4:56
"Afterimage" – 5:03
"Red Sector A" – 5:09
"The Enemy Within (Part I of Fear)" – 4:34
"The Body Electric" – 4:59
"Kid Gloves" – 4:17
"Red Lenses" – 4:41
"Between the Wheels" – 5:44

Distant Early Warning


Red Sector A

The Enemy Within (Part I of Fear)

The Body Electric (fan vid..)

Kid Gloves (one of my favorite songs.)

Red Lenses (only vid I could find)

Between the Wheels

How about it! =P


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