Rock Blog Monday 09/24/07

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Getting ready to head off on the road for a couple weeks. This should prove very interesting. I still have to pack, make sure my various electronics are charged, make sure I am not carrying any liquids on my person, see if I can go through my library and find a book I haven't read yet, say goodbye to everyone, make sure I know what plane I am on and which hotel I am staying at, get dramamine, get my camera cleared so I can take massive amounts of pictures for posting on my road blog, and see about sleeping... for an hour or two. Seattle get ready.


We will support headset mics on the 360 for singing. Initially we said we wouldn't be able to support them as they don't have great audio quality, but we are going to support so y'all have a few more options open to you. That said there is nothing quite like getting a mic stand, shoving our mic into it (make sure you have the right mic clamps, though) and swinging that thing around. Unless you are planning out some crazy choreography to go along with Paranoid (which you aren't) a real USB mic is the way to go.

But still- we're all about giving people a choice. We buy and play video games too so we know how important that is.

Now... no more threads about what mics can be used. :)

There aren't any other blogs today. Bloggers are mostly all out on vacation or far too busy working to "make cohesive, entertaining sentences" so we'll just have to make due with my pre-flight habits and an official clarification of headset mics.

I'll be on from time to time while I am on the road. No parties and don't burn the house down. And don't do anything I wouldn't do. Which isn't much. You may want to use your own discretion.


Also this auction is for a local community television station we like and used to share space with. They are having their annual fundraiser so we gave one of these to them for their big, huge, crazy fundraiser that will hopefully net them a ton of money so they can keep fighting the good fight. Partake if you are interested.


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