songs that should of been in guitar hero

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whats songs that didn't appear should have been in guitar hero


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    Isn't this the same thing as "guitar hero 3 picks" or any other of the other numerous thinly veiled "what song you want in GH/RB" type thread?

    Let take a guess at what you're thinking... you think that F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X should have been in the game? >_<
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    well ya ,kinda but i havent known the song long its a just a perfect song for guitar hero or rockband
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    just drop your opinion already
    if we wanted to hear it, we would have asked
    as for the actual question
    something by metallica deserved an appearance
    maybe dont fear the reaper by blue oyster cult
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    welcome home by coheed and cambria
    all along the watchtower or voodoo child by jimi hendrix
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    welcome home by coheed is a good song, but after the intro, thers no interesting anything to play and no guitar solo of any kind. Kinda makes for a lame experience.
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    I think "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring should have made the 80's expansion. The song is 100% the epitome of the 80's, I was suprised it didn't make it. Plus it has a really good baseline and guitar solos.
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