Emotional Fallout by Matt Perlot (Art). . . Question!

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Ok, so, I recently discovered this gem of art in the game when I saw the button that said "Add Art" on my Bassist's Ring Tone shirt.

I scrolled through tons of art until I stumbled upon Matt Perlot AKA Perly, who drew/created the piece called Emotional Fallout. (Go look at it, if you need a reference.)

I think the piece is stunning, but I have to ask: Is this a real piece of art? I can't find it on the net ANYWHERE. I've been searching for the past two hours. I'd love to have a copy of it, because I'm in a class at school that allowed us to print things on shirts and mirrors (Graphic Communications), and I would give my left kidney to be able to have this on a black t-shirt!

If anyone knows where I can find this piece of art, please, help me out!




  • DeriazDeriaz Unsigned
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    Ok, so, after about 3 hours total of searching. . .

    It turns out Matt Perlot works for Harmonix?

    . . . Which would probably explain why I can't find anything by him, at all. Which makes me a sad panda. :x

    I guess that my search is done, maybe. . . Unless Mr. Perlot sees this himself and is maybe generous enough to upload at least his Emotional Fallout piece? (It's a long shot, but, hey. . . I love that picture so much.)

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    Hes a graphic artist and developer for a few games. Not really a known artist. He did work in Rock Band, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s, Guitar Hero II, and Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War.

    He did a lot of the Guitar Modeling and character modeling in the games also

    Thats all I was able to find.
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    Yup. That's what I found, too. (Amazing how slow I was at finding that, eh? ;P)

    Shame, though, that I can't find a page of his work or anything. :x

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