Serj Tankian album elect the dead

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"Empty Walls" – 3:49
"The Unthinking Majority" – 3:46
"Money" – 3:53
"Feed Us" – 4:31
"Saving Us" – 4:41
"Sky is Over" – 2:57
"Baby" – 3:31
"Honking Antelope" – 3:50
"Lie Lie Lie" – 3:33
"Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition" – 4:23
"Beethoven's C***" – 3:13 ( i know this song was already released as DLC)
"Elect the Dead" – 2:54


  • HyeJinx1984HyeJinx1984 Road Warrior
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    What, the whole album as DLC? Wouldn't work, too much piano, long portions of non-rock instrumentals... I love the album, it myself, but I'd just say release "Empty Walls" as DLC and be done with it, we don't need anything else off the album (though I love "Feed Us" and "Unthinking Majority" best)
  • god929god929 Unsigned
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    you have a point but empty walls isnt the only song that could work for DLC. they all could work but if i had to choose 2 or 3 it would be

    Empty walls
    sky is over
    saving us

    those are the songs i really want to be able to play
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