Top 10 Vinyls You Own (that you dont also have on CD)

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Ok, name your top 10 vinyl LPs that you own, that you don't own in a digital format also (CD, MP3, WAV, etc.)

Top 10 Vinyl LPs
1. Black Mass/Lucifer - Mort Garson
2. Pictures At An Exhibition - ELP
3. Dorian - Dorian (KD Passante)
4. Let's Get Small - Steve Martin (I didn't say it had to be music)
5. In Rock - Deep Purple
6. Live Album - Grand Funk Railroad
7. Thriller - Michael Jackson
8. Sheik Yerbouti - Frank Zappa
9. Ashes Are Burning - Renaissance
10.First Live Recordings Hamburg, Germany - the Beatles

how about Top 5 45s (these dont matter about digital)
1. Happy Days
2. Pac-man Fever
3. Ah Leah!
4. Renegade
5. Lucky Man


  • fighting69thfighting69th Opening Act
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    Nice topic, here goes:

    1. Bad Religion-"Into The Unknown" still sealed. The infamous synth rock album from when the band was broken up and was never released on CD. Supposedly only about 300 or of them exist but who really knows

    2. Elvis Presley-"Having Fun With Elvis On Stage." is bizarre rants in between songs.

    3. Elvis Presley-"Artist Of The Century." European release that never made it to the States on Vinyl. Got it for a steal for $15 American at the time before the Euro

    4. The Beatles- "Meet The Beatles." Not a fan but it was my mom's and it is a first pressing so that is cool enough for me.

    5. D.I.-"Surfin' Anarchy" 7". Rare and on red vinyl. One of Orange County's best punk rock outfits.

    6. Stryper-"To Hell With The Devil" picture disc. The Way is a great metal song no matter what anyone says.

    7. Elvis Presley-"Moody Blue" on black vinyl. Go figure that the normal pressing was blue wax and the rare one was on black wax. The last album from the King.

    8. The Meteors"The Crazed" 25th anniversary picture disc 7" Got to finally see them a couple of years ago and that record is very limited.

    9. Probot"Centuries of Sin" 7" and it is the black/red marble pressing.

    10. Johnny Cash"Hey Porter/Cry Cry Cry" 45. On Sun Records, found it at a thrift shop in Vegas for $3. Don't know what pressing but it is his first single and that is ok with me!

    Have a few more but these are a few of my faves
  • OldFogeyOldFogey Road Warrior
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    Interesting topic -- I hadn't realized how many of my favorites I had gone ahead and gotten on CD until I started thinking about this topic. For pure rock, let's see:

    [*]Jethro Tull -- Stand Up, Benefit (first editions)
    [*]Elvis Costello -- This Year's Model first edition)
    [*]Rolling Stones -- Let It Bleed, Get Yer Ya Yas Out
    [*]Who -- Who's Next
    [*]Buffalo Springfield -- all three (first editions)
    [*]The Byrds -- Mr Tambourine Man; Turn, Turn, Turn (wore out my first editions)
    [*]Beach Boys -- All Summer Long (1st edition)
    [*]Beatles -- Hard Day's Night (first edition)
    [*]Zappa -- Hot Rats, 200 Motels, Live at Fillmore East, ... spacing on the others right now
    [*]REM - Songs of the Reconstruction
    [*]Grateful Dead -- too many to list
    [*]Traffic - Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys
    [*]T Rex -- Electric Warrior
    [*]Dylan -- too many to list
    [*]The Band -- everything (greatest hits on CD)
    [*]Santana -- debut and Abraxas

    I know, more than 10, not sure I could cut this list down. These are all classics. Had to leave some off as it was....
  • King_NuthinKing_Nuthin Road Warrior
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    fighting69th;640261 said:
    2. Elvis Presley-"Having Fun With Elvis On Stage." is bizarre rants in between songs.
    Oh how I've searched for a dirt cheap copy of one of these. I believe there are a few versions. I can't imagine paying more than a dollar or two though, especially since I don't care to remember that particular side of the King.
  • supersickiesupersickie Opening Act
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    My prize-record would have to be Neil Young's Harvest. I don't own much music that's exclusive to vinyl.
  • sg327sg327 Road Warrior
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    Faces- A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse
    Climax Blues Band- Gold Plated
    Kansas- Monolith
    Golden Earing- Cut
    Wings- Back to the egg
    Steely Dan- The Royal Scam
    Rainbow- Down to Earth
    Rolling Stones- Some Girls & Rewind
    Blackfoot- Strikes
    Ringo Starr- Ringo

    Russ Ballard- Voices
    Steve Martin- King Tut

    Probably not worth anything except for sentimental reasons.
    Wasn't the Meat Loaf "Bat Out Of Hell" a picture disc too?
  • WhiffleBallTonyWhiffleBallTony Headliner
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    None. I only have two vinyl albums and both are on my iPod.
  • idiotecidiotec Road Warrior
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    Tough to pick since I have a much larger vinyl collection than I do CD’s. I know I am missing something huge since I am doing this without looking at them but here it goes. I am going to stick to rock albums only.

    Pink Floyd – DSOTM
    Pink Floyd – Meddle
    Talking Heads – More Songs About Buildings and Food
    Pixies – Surfer Rosa
    Rolling Stones – Some Girls
    CCR – Willie and the Poor Boys
    The Doors – Morrison Hotel
    Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
    Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
    The Cars – The Cars
  • miche.csmiche.cs Road Warrior
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    I actually buy most my music on Vinyl so the ten I'm listing are probably pretty recent releases. But I'll try and mix it up a little:)

    1. Powder Burns - The Twilight Singers
    2. The Seeger Sessions - Bruce Springsteen
    3. The Doors - The Doors
    4. Best of Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan
    5. Gimme Back My Bullets - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    6. Icky Thump - The White Stripes
    7. Contraband - Velvet Revolver
    8. Long Live Rock and Roll - Rainbow
    9. Jukebox - Cat Power
    10. Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys
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