PS3 Expert Players Thread - Post here if you play anything on expert


  • TenswiredTenswired Unsigned
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    Actually two of us here

    I = Expert vocalist 96% + regularly on all but the hardest songs.

    Roommate = Expert Pro Drums
    Expert Guitar on most songs

    450+ DLC, RB1,2,3,LEGO
  • danieljamestribedanieljamestribe Unsigned
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    PSN; djtribe95

    Can play expert on every instrument, as can my two brothers. We have the rock band 2 platinum trophy. Looking for any expert players for high scores on the leaderboards. We have Green Day, lego and rock band 1 + 2 dlc. Plus, 82 songs from the store. Looking to play on RB3. ADD US ON PSN; djtribe95
  • Nunoki94Nunoki94 Unsigned
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    PSN - Nunoki_dk

    I play every instrument on expert, and i mean expert!
    I mostly play bass and vox, and get around 98-100%
    Bass - 42# in total score ranking.
    Vox 150# in total score ranking.

    I have all the games to Rock Band, and have around 1750 songs in total.

    Everyone can add me if they want, just looking for a great time!
    And of course if we can get bhs i score, that would be great :D.
  • A-RabidCanadianA-RabidCanadian Unsigned
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    My PSN is: A-RabidCanadian
    Average Percent 96-97%
    I play Rock Band 1&2 Have yet to Import songs
    I have 61 DLC
    Won't Get Fooled Again: 97% Run to The Hills: 92% Painkiller: 94% Panic Attack: 93%
    I'm Looking For a Good challenge Msg ASAP Before my stock kit finally breaks
  • l6SiX8ll6SiX8l Unsigned
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    Hey guys.

    I'm a Rock Band Expert Drummer. Average about 96-99% every song in my library of about 530 songs. Looking for band members to play online. PSN ID is l6SiX8l
  • Mdoucette76Mdoucette76 Unsigned
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    Expert Vocals 97-99 % on most songs in library 631 DLC RB2, RB1, Greenday RB, Lego RB all linked looking for people to Jam with PSN name is MDOUCETTE76 thanks :)
  • KaxemaruNaraKaxemaruNara Unsigned
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    PSN: KaxemaruNara

    I play Expert on Drums, Vocals, Guitar and Bass, But I originally prefer Bass :D
    I have DLC from RB1, RB2, Green Day, Lego RB, AC/DC RB and tons of songs :D
  • PSN: Evapilot08

    My bf and I play virtually every day. (More like night - 1am-6am PST) I play guitar or bass (even key-tar) on Expert. He does Vox on expert. We 5-GS virtually every song.

    I have too many tracks to list. My current number of tracks is 2200+ Our only demands is to pleeeeease have a few hundred DLC or more; and to play on expert; even if it's songs that you can only 3-star or less. We like the flow of being challenged. We never rage-quit; so neither should you ;)
  • Expert drummer looking for a good challenge on score duel! Have 300+ dlc and manage to get 96-99% on most, if not, all songs.

    PSN: dominicano27257
  • Expert on guitar about a 98 an above average and no dlc. Psn:Xx_eP1c_GrUbB_xX
  • Expert on pro Drums, and i can get 90-99% on almost every song
  • PSN ID aceraoki Expert drums 95% on most songs .. 90 - 91 % in impossible category.. cant beat painkiller or visions
  • I own all RB exports, all Track Packs, and quite a bit of other DLC, mostly punk, classic rock and hard rock. I still buy songs somewhat regularly. I play guitar or bass on expert, prefer guitar, but who doesn't (used to be able to drum on expert but am out of practice, very frustrating!!!). I score near 100% on easy songs, and knock out a (ahem) 75% on the hardest songs. I'd say my average score is 85% to 95% depending on difficulty and level of intoxication. Friend or Invite me. PSN ID is the same as my screen name. See my scores at Check my library at <<not sure if those are the exact web addresses for those sites!!!
  • @buzzkill_1970 im adding you noww..
  • expert guitar :D
    I waaaannnnnaaaa play ! lol
  • mofan77mofan77 Unsigned
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    Mofan77 gamertag I play key-bass expert mostly 95% and above...some keys and expert drums up to about 4 tier songs. Will play the rest and even sing on occassion but can only GS about 10 songs on vocals mostly do vocals on hard. Have about 1600 songs
  • I get about 94 to 97 percent on songs, I the green day dlc (6 dlc owned) from the rockband 1 store and I still play.
  • JakapanJakapan Unsigned
    Expert vocals, can mostly 5* anything I practice. I'd love to try online play; haven't ever been able to get that going. Add me: PoserParky
  • srzfernandosrzfernando Unsigned
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    PSN: Fernando_

    I do drumming and vocals (although need a replacement mic). I score between 98%-100% on most songs on drumming (although there are a few I score in the mid 90's). 99%-100% on most Vox. 667 songs.

    If you message me, include Rock Band in your message so I know where you're from.
  • i play Pro Drums on Expert and get 90% on 97% on my songsi have around 400 DLC songs and would love to start a band up with any1 add me BritishSoldier25.

  • I play expert drums. Average in the high 90s. Looking for some online players for RB. A couple DLC
    Add me on psn supersaiyan_23. Will play anytime
  • Hello. Im looking for people to play rb3 with . Im down to just play songs but Id prefer if we can go for trophies, so going try hard on the road challenges and getting high scores. I just got rb3 but ive been playing since gh1 came out. I can play guitar/bass expert almost flawlessly , working on the rb3 solos as their different then rb2. and i can play drums on expert for most of the songs well, but since i just got rb3 i cant do most of the impossible tracks yet. if anyone is down to play add my psn or comment with yours.
  • k3lzXcorek3lzXcore Unsigned
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    Expert vocals, although I have the full kit including keys. 537 songs all together including all the games. PSN ID is k3lzXcore

    Can also find me on
  • MrDeath91MrDeath91 Unsigned
    PSN: MrDeath91

    Pro Drums and looking for more friends. I own an Ion set which helps a lot.

    WGFA: 90% PK: 85%

    DLC: 306

    I would love to play with anyone with Twitch connections.

    You can also text me at 901.825.8942 to schedule. Thx RB
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    PSN: daeneryus

    i've played guitar/bass since around 2006 on and off (back in the day it was the gh games obviously). i can 5*/gs many songs on expert (except some impossible songs and some nightmare) average between 95-99%. i play rb3 and have rb1, rb2, the green day dlc, lego dlc and 100+ songs from the store (i still add to my collection via the store all the time). usually prefer guitar but i enjoy playing the bass too.

    just looking for some more people to play with. add me if you wanna quickplay or whatever, please put "rock band" in the subject of the friend invite/message so i know where you found me. i play almost every day.
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    Panicattack - 95 before broke my middle finger
    now i can barely play it
    i own all rock band but lego rockband
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    PSN ID: Sense_the_Plague
    I play guitar/bass on expert. I have the RB1, RB2 and AC/DC LIVE imports , but planning on getting more imports. Im also buying new DLCs every week, mostly metal and rock, but other genres too.
    My average on the hardest guitar/bass songs is 90% and higher.

    Panic Attack: 98% Gold Stars and solo FC
    Free Bird: 98%
    Bodhisattva: 98%
    Shoulder to the Plow: 98%
    Painkiller: 96%
    Visions: 94%

    Some of my best guitar FCs:
    Laid to Rest
    A Warrior's Call
    American Dream
    Critical Acclaim
    Burning Hearts
    Unholy Confessions
    Crawling in the Dark
    The Arms of Sorrow
    A Prophecy
    Indiscriminate Murder is Counter-Productive
    This is Not a Song, It's a Sandwich!
    Hey John, What's Your Name Again?
    The World is a Thorn
    Starting Over
    The Metal
    Help is on the Way
    Last Breath
    Rock Your Socks
    Leaderless and Self Enlisted
    From the Blue/Point of No Return
    Don't Tell Me What to Dream
    Ramblin' Man
  • Hello people!

    I play vocals mostly, but I can play guitar/bass.

    I'm online almost every day.

    751 songs (RB1+AC/DC+RB2+LegoRB+GD:RB+RB3+dlc) at the moment. Also, The Beatles:RB

    Feel free to add, I'm looking for expert players to jam with!

    See ya!

    PSN: Bakonet
  • Hello people!

    I play vocals mostly, but I can play guitar/bass.

    I'm online almost every day.

    751 songs (RB1+AC/DC+RB2+LegoRB+GD:RB+RB3+dlc) at the moment. Also, The Beatles:RB

    Feel free to add, I'm looking for expert players to jam with!

    See ya!

    PSN: Bakonet

    Seems like you'd be really cool to jam with, I'll add you. My PSN is Crash3021, so look for a FR from that name. I'm mostly expert guitar/bass and have 1690 songs. I play pretty much every day just like you, looking forward to jamming with you. :)
  • PSN: Pest_IMis_mic-
    Eastern Time
    I have around 80 DLC still going for more, and am trying to get some imports
    Guitar/Bass: I usually get 90%+ not as good as I used to be (won a tournament long time ago (and not an official tournament))
    Drums/Pro Drums: I actually am a drummer in real life so I’m not your guy for FCs but I’m currently working on playing Eden by Tesseract fluently and I’m on 89%.
    Vocals: I am a skilled vocalist 100% chop suey and down with the sickness and my sister can add on who is an actual vocal teacher with double harmonies to other songs. (currently working on getting “is this just fantasy” with one of our vocal friends)

    I usually play later in the night like 7:00pm and past unless it’s a weekend, then I play all day. My sister though may sometimes play before that and although she’s skilled at singing, she’s learning to be better in the other instruments.

    When you add me, say in the message you’re from the forums and when you want to jam out message me to see who’s playing at the time if it’s me or my sister so you know who you’ll be playing with. I would love to play with all of you guys :)
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