Treat Of The Week : May 20th

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Ok. so i'm going to try something new here, and hopefully this gets a positive response with everyone and we can all continue to do this each week. This thread is all about, you guessed it.... your current treat of the week. Weather its guitar, drums, or your secret pleasure of singing Maps alone in your basement.... this is the place to post your thoughts on the songs that you can't stop playing. try and pick your top 3. (but never limited to)

My current treat(s) of the week on expert drums :

Message In A Bottle
My Sharona
It Hurts <--- if you havent bought this dlc GET IT! its alot of fun to play on guitar too.

moving up in the ranks ...And Justice For All.

Treat of the week on hard guitar :

(as always) Green Grass And High Tides
Ride The Lightning
It Hurts

i think the hidden gem right now is It Hurts. bought that on a whim hoping there was going to be lots of kick peddle.... boy was i right... and glad i got it. totally not my style of music. its just so damn fun to play.

so please, feel free to add in your 'treat of the week', and any other comments you have about why you like them so much.


  • RiastlinRiastlin Opening Act
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    For me, the treat of the week has to be:

    Welcome Home on Guitar
    My Sharona on Drums
    Still Alive on Vocals

    I generally do Medium on Guitar and Vox and Hard on Drums though.
  • OfChristandMenOfChristandMen Unsigned
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    This really isn't a good idea for me, because every week i'll probably plug Working Man. Despite being a cover, and Rush, it is definitely the most undervalued song out of all DLC. I think it is incredible on Drums, Guitar, and Bass.

    Lots of fun on every instrument and anyone who has not played it doesn't know how to spend 1.99.
  • voodoo618voodoo618 Headliner
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    Expert Guitar:

    Zero - Smashing Pumpkins
    Enter Sandman - Metallica
    Saints of Los Angelas - Motley Crue
  • killerewokkillerewok Opening Act
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    I'm a Hard Drummer (and I dabble in Expert)

    My top three to play right now, or "Treat of the Week" (kinda lame, but I'll go with it)

    1) Kool Thing - digging the difficulty here, I really want to get better at it
    2) Perfect Drug - see above, plus it happens to be a personal favorite (the song that is)
    3) Last Train to Clarksville - My band really wants to get better at this song, it's the only one we've managed to get real high on the leaderboards on. I guess not alot of PS3 users have it. And again, an old favorite.

    Those are the songs I play the most these days. I find myself getting good at Hard, with only a few songs I can't 5 Star, I've gotten a few tiers into Expert. I should be an expert drummer by the time summer is over! This excites me.
  • S1ckH4ndsS1ckH4nds YouTube Guru
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    Been hooked on 3's and 7's bass chart this past week... one of the most fun in the game, IMO.
  • fujourifujouri Opening Act
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    Time Sick Son of A Grizzly Bear.

    This one just FEELS like I should be able to Gold Star it without thinking... and yet it eludes me. And I don't know why. So I keep at it because it's catchy enough I can keep playing it without going crazy.

    Although my coworkers are starting to get sick of hearing me hum the chorus.
  • CyberdyneCyberdyne Rising Star
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    killerewok;645044 said:
    My top three to play right now, or "Treat of the Week" (kinda lame, but I'll go with it)
    the term "treat of the week" for me comes from years ago in high school, an older friend walked up to a group of us and called my buddies girlfriend the wrong name, we corrected him and he goes "OH! thats right, last time i saw you, Sandy was your treat of the week."

    it kinda stuck.
  • Knife 609Knife 609 Opening Act
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    My Three songs I've enjoyed playing recently

    I play expert drums mostly, some songs I'll need to drop down to hard.

    Kool Thing - Like killerewok said, it's the challenge. I still haven't beat it, but I'm enjoying playing it on expert until I fail. I've gotten to 97%, and then 98% before the red hue of failure overtook me!! Since I still had lots fun both times, that's a win for me.

    CrushCrushCrush - Great little song that is really fun to play. Beat constantly switches and never gets repetitive.

    Shockwave - Wasn't going to get this song until it went back down to 80 MS points. Glad I did. Rockin song with some fun rolls
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    My three for drum's:

    Train in Vain
    Seven (i can't stop playing this song)
    Saint's of LA
  • BIoodAndThunderBIoodAndThunder Opening Act
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    good thread

    My Top Three (all for expert drums)

    1.) Siva- I have to play it at least once every time I sit down to play, alot of the time twice. Once you can get the beat down it's just so much fun
    2.) Something About You- Really fun, easy fills that fit perfectly into the song.
    3.) Red Tandy- I love the drums in the jam. It never gets repetitive but it still keeps the same tone and general and I get really into it.
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