Do you know what feature I would like in Rock band?

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Via patch, or 2 or what have you?

The ability to choose your created characters as the other members of your band that the computer is using when you are doing solo tour/bwt.

It really breaks up the feel of being in a band when you have a hillbilly looking guy on vocals, a punk ruck drummer, and a glam rock guy on guitar.

And then of course when you play again you get a totally different set of characters outside of the one you are playing with.

Kind of takes you out of the experience, and would be really cool to design the whole band IMO.


  • TralfamadorTralfamador Unsigned
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    I definitely agree. Just about every time I play BWT with my friends, we have 3 Punk or Rock guys, and then we've gott the Lumberjack or the Steampunk guitarists. It makes my soul weep.
  • OakTeaOakTea Road Warrior
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    Maybe Harmonix is trying to tell us that this why you have to coordinate every essential member of your band.

    If you don't know a good singer (and none of you know the songs well enough), you're gonna' hafta' hire that lumberjack who could sing I'm So Sick perfectly upside down if he wanted to.

    In the solo tour, I always pictured it as being like. You're one of those people being pulled off the streets into random bands. Perhaps you clash with their look of bizzarity with your normal looking character.
  • ReverseEngineerReverseEngineer Rising Star
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    nobody's mentioned this!
  • JetpackJesusJetpackJesus Unsigned
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    Oh wow I've always thought of this. Would be an excellent thing to patch in. I'd love to see all my characters jamming it up when I don't have friends over.
  • SplackavellieSplackavellie Unsigned
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    I love this idea,i hate playing through solo tour or band world tour with a friend and like everyother song i have a different lead singer in the band or a chick singing male vocals.
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