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As most you guys are not brazilian and I'm getting a great deal of good suggestions from other users, I decided to go on with my own suggestions.
I'm listing all of the good bands, regardless of my liking or disliking of them or their style.

Before I begin, I must warn you: MOST OF THESE CLIPS SUCK as they are old or badly produced or both, my goal was to choose the ones with the best sound. So, just LISTEN and ignore the clips.

hardcore band, thrashy lyrics (whores, drugs, street fighting), they played on the 90's. The vocalist became a christian and dropped the band. They still play, but when Rodolfo left they sold their soul to the devil and started to play some MTV crap, so anything they wrote later than 98 is not worth listening to.

Awesome attitude, these guys do EVERYTHING to fight poverty and violence. Their sound is probably different from anything you ever heard, I enjoy it. These are probably the only video clips that are worth watching in this whole guide - the story telling ones. Don't worry, they don't need words, you'll understand.
The former drummer, Marcelo Yuka, despite of all their cry for justice and peace got shot NINE times during a robbery. They did not react at all, the guy was high and started shooting out of nowhere. Yuka can't play and is not a band member anymore, but still fights violence with music and education.

You probably already heard about these guys. They have an american singer now - Derek, but it used to be the drummer's brother Max. So, for most of the time the band was brazilian only.

You may have heard of these too. My opinion of them is: most of them are gay. Anyway, metal fans seem to love them and Kiko Loureiro is a hell of a guitarrist, so I included them.

These guys play pop/rock. I consider them the best of this list. They have some love songs, some political songs and started back in 82, still playing today. Unfortunately, the vox/guitar, Herberth Vianna was in a plane crash and now needs a wheel chair, his voice is also not the same after the accident, but the guy won't give up. I don't expect you guys to fall in love with this band mainly because much of my respect for them is in their lyrics. Running gigs on a wheel chair

Ultraje a Rigor
You gotta hear this band. They rock. All of their songs have humor and political content. The singer/guitarrist Roger is extremely intelligent and has a better understanding of his generation than anyone else.

yeah, I know, it's a ROCK guide, but I'll add some blues bands here.

These guys were invited to the Latin Grammy Awards. They were the only brazilian band to get that "honor". I heard yesterday that they sold their soul to the devil and stopped playing blues for some pop shit (I can't stress the word SHIT enough).

Nuno Mindelis
Some say this guy is continuing at the point where Ray Vaughan left it. I wouldn't go that far. Hear it for yourself.

Blues Etilicos

There you go. Hope you enjoyed it. There are some good bands I could add, but I'll only do that if anyone is interested. Don't know if you would care to hear brazilian music, but I LOVE IT.


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