Rock Blog FRIDAY! 10/12/07

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Still mostly under the weather from the Swamp Lung I got out in Seattle. I'll try to keep this short - while I am lucid.

Working hard on getting a bunch more info out to you all and clarifying things and breaking out some of the new heat and next week I'll also be introducing you to the first addition to the community team. He'll be helping me with a lot of the community stuff both here and in the world and on email and yes you can put him through a crazy initiation rite to make sure he is really up to par with a community of this caliber. Kick his tires, if you know what I mean. This conversation never happened.

ALSO, and this is the big news, we have a little something for you. We really thought that banner that the community signed thanking us for Rock Band was wicked nice and very awesome of all of you. Therefore we made this for you today-


So, you know, thanks. It will have a place of honor at Harmonix as soon as we find a wall long enough to hang it, for now it has a place of honor in the Freq Pit held down by hot sauce. In it's own way - that is a pretty rad place to be.


Where is Moss?

DanT answers questions.


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