The Living End!

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Most people probably know The Living End from Guitar Hero 2's "Carry Me Home" cover (an incredibly hard guitar song). I didn't see this band in the thread of threads, so I thought I'd be the first to make one for them. They're an awesome punk band from Australia with some potentially great songs for Rock Band.

Most notably, their song "Prisoner of Society" would freakin' rock: a great chorus, kinetic bass and drum lines, and a blistering guitar solo -

Prisoner of Society

Carry Me Home:
Carry Me Home

Some other good songs:

Second Solution
Second Solution

Roll On
Roll On

EDIT: Some people actually responded! Fixed up the post since they've put embedding back in.

Also, apparently "Prisoner of Society" is confirmed for GHWT, guess I'll be picking that up too...


  • DontShutTheGateDontShutTheGate Opening Act
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    C'mon, no love for the Living End?
  • RazorkidRazorkid Unsigned
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    dude the living end would be PERFECT for rock band
    prisoner of society
    carry me home
    roll on

  • John-311John-311 Opening Act
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    Full album of their self-titled album.
  • KG28KG28 Unsigned
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    I have liked every song I have ever heard from The Living End. They are so ridiculously unknown in the states, yet loved in Australia, that it's kind of ridiculous they haven't received at least a few songs in the game. They're really a very, very awesome band.

    And yes, many of their songs are near-perfect for Rock Band. They really need some representation.
  • mjlambert1mjlambert1 Road Warrior
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    Agreed with "Roll On"
  • MagnetMagnet Moderator
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    I think they'd be an excellent addition to the game. One song. Three-pack. Six-pack. Full album (Roll On please). Two albums (self-titled and Roll On :D). It all works for me.

    They really do work very well for the game. The variety in each Rock Band instrument for all their songs would translate to amazing gameplay. Very surprised we haven't seen any yet.
  • ChairchuckerChairchucker Unsigned
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    John-311;935888 said:
    Full album of their self-titled album.
    Yeah that would be pretty sweet. I don't think there's a person my age alive in Australia who wouldn't be able to sing along to at least half of the songs on it.
  • mrsexymrsexy Unsigned
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    Riot On Broadway would be awesome! Too bad they apparently aren't so well known here in the states.
  • staggymanstaggyman Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    you people are nuts 2 albums pah ALL THE ALBUMS MWAHAHAHAH

    but no they all are seriously the perfect type of band for this game

    *ponders* now where do we find some1 to make a double bass guitar fro this game
  • PharLapOZPharLapOZ Unsigned
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    'West End Riot'

    'I can't give you what I haven't got'
  • azzaman333azzaman333 Road Warrior
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    Tabloid Magazine is by far their best song.
  • Shillelagh LawShillelagh Law Opening Act
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    I'm still surprised that we haven't seen them. Hell, I'm surprised they aren't bigger in the States. Fantastic band.
  • MagnetMagnet Moderator
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    Although I'm not sure most people think instrumentals when they think of The Living End, "Closing In" is one of my favorite instrumentals ever. I don't see it ever making it in RB (since they'd likely go for the 4-part band songs before anything else), but I'd recommend listening to it anyway.
  • ben2294ben2294 Opening Act
    edited March 2009
    anything by the living end
  • BigJAG2004BigJAG2004 Opening Act
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    Man I could go on and on about what songs I want from them. The Living End are my All Time Favourite Band. Lets see.

    Silent Victory (I've been wanting the boys to play this song live, never happened, but dissapointed it didn't)
    Read About It
    Astoria Paranoia
    Moment In The Sun
    Waiting For The Silence - My favourite song from them
    Carry Me Home - We all know what this is like.
    There Is No Radio - This is a BSide of their Pictures in the Mirror single....why must it only be a BSide? This song is crazy as hell, it would be a pain to FC, on any instrument.
    New Frontier - Again, only a Bside, of their Moment In The Sun single. This is the ring tone of my phone, I love the intro, and the gallops in it, not to mention the chorus. "Because I'm GOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING" That'd be really good to sing.
    Hellbound - My favourite of their 4 instrumentals they have released. Great Bass Solo, brilliant drumming, and the guitaring is nice.

    I could write a good load more, but right now I gotta go to sleep.
  • Rawker31Rawker31 Opening Act
    edited June 2009
    I love The Living End. It's only a matter of time until they put Carry Me Home in Rock Band as Harmonix has been getting tracks that Guitar Hero has.
  • BigJAG2004BigJAG2004 Opening Act
    edited July 2009
    Come on guys. Lets get some love in this band.

    One things for sure. The Living End have a song called "Rats" which is an Iron Maiden inspired Epic song. They performed it throughout their secret tour under their alter ego "The Longnecls" in February 2008. It has never been released since, but Chris Cheney is hoping to save it for their next album purely because the song being in White Noise would throw the whole album out of whack, that song is completely different to the rest of the stuff they have released at that time. I would love it so much if it came to Rock Band. Hell, this song deserves to be a final encore of a game. It is just so Epic.

    This song would be like Into The Red, which was recorded way back during the Modern Artillery stage. But they simply couldn't fit the song on the album because it didn't seem right. They did however put the song in State of Emergency, and it suits the album perfectly.
  • LegendofRock3021LegendofRock3021 Nice Doggy
    edited October 2009
    "Carry Me Home" and "West End Riot" are the 2 songs I'd like to see more than any other.
  • BigJAG2004BigJAG2004 Opening Act
    edited October 2009
    I believe West End Riot would be a brilliant song. The song kicks ass when played live. That being said, I'd like a live version.
  • thewickedchildthewickedchild Opening Act
    edited October 2009
    I could dig West End Riot & Second Solution.
  • PriddoPriddo Unsigned
    edited October 2009
    Definitely TLE is needed.

    I'd like a 3 pack from the White Noise album (White Noise, How Do We Know, Raise The Alarm).

    I'd love to have full albums by them like suggested by a few of you (hell all of them would be good, but The Living End and Roll On would be a nice start too!)

    They really are a band that's perfect for RB, they have a good amount of guitar, with some solos and challenging sections no doubt, the bass is better than most bands, the vocals would be interesting as well, and the drums I'm sure would be fun... What's not to like abou TLE on RB?!

    I just noticed the username of the original poster... Don't Shut The Gate would be awesome to play.
  • riyunoariyunoa Unsigned
    edited October 2009
    I would LOVE for TLE to be in Rock Band! They have Prisoner of Society in GHWT, why not RB too? ^_^

    My die-for pack would be Second Solution, How Do We Know, and All Torn Down.
  • John-311John-311 Opening Act
    edited October 2009
    The Living End have so many great songs.

    Full album DLC of their self-titled album

    Roll On
    Carry Me Home
    The End of the World
    Uncle Harry
    The Room
    What's On Your Radio
  • BigJAG2004BigJAG2004 Opening Act
    edited October 2009
    Full Album DLC of Roll On would be so great, those songs were complicated as hell when written, Chris Cheney says "For this album we had millions of ideas, and each song had millions of ideas".

    1. Roll On
    2. Pictures In The Mirror
    3. Riot On Broadway
    4. Staring At The Light
    5. Carry Me Home (you'd remember this from Guitar Hero 2, how crap was the cover? Well, the original is 10000000x better)
    6. Don't Shut The Gate (GH2 CUSTOM CHART!)
    7. Dirty Man
    8. Blood On Your Hands
    9. Revolution Regained
    10. Read About It
    11. Silent Victory
    12. Killing The Right
    13. Astoria Paranoia
    14. Uncle Harry

    I just realised that the ending of Roll On would be death for some drummers. The songs with no vids I simply can't find vids for, which pretty much shows that they never played those songs live much (they have played Read About It, only once, but it was actually during their White Noise tour, a real, REAL surprise).
  • BigJAG2004BigJAG2004 Opening Act
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    I just realized that Jimmy from Modern Artillery would be perfect for this game.

    The whole song has alot of variety for every instrument (except maybe bass), and the difficulty of them all is very nice. And the song has the best lyrics of any Living End song in my opinion.

    So yeah

    Jimmy by The Living End for Rock Band! MAKE IT HAPPEN HARMONIX!
  • BigJAG2004BigJAG2004 Opening Act
    edited October 2009
    I've made so many requests in the request tool in the website, so many good songs, but so little care from HMX :(
  • BigJAG2004BigJAG2004 Opening Act
    edited November 2009
    Imagine if their were a Guitar Hero The Living End and how sweet that would be? Well, I've decided to make up a basic plan for it, it would be from their early days til now, and will follow the bands career and their drummer changes. I know this will never happen as long as Harmonix Hate Australia and as Long as The Living End will never be as well known as the Beatles, but we have a better shot of Activision making a Guitar Hero: The Living End....which would contain 10 songs by The Living End and the other 60 are by bands that inspired them to become a band such as Short Stack, Run DMC and Slayer.

    Here we go:

    "After a couple of years, Chris and Scott realized that they didn't want to be a cover band and so they started writing their own songs, they met a Drummer called Joe Piripitzi at one of their gigs and they exchanged phone numbers and took him on"

    The Richmond Club 1996
    -"So Lonely" (this was the first song that the band had wrote, a great choice for a first song eh?)
    -"English Army"
    -"Trace Of Doubt"
    -"Stay Away From Me"
    -"From Here On In"

    "Soon after this, Joe Piripitzi was sacked from the band because of his use of drugs that would hold back the band, and that's when they met Trav Demsey, at a music store that he worked at, they were looking for a drummer, he was looking for a band, and thats where he came on"

    Falls Festival 1997
    -"The Living End"
    -"Misspent Youth"
    -"One More Cell"
    -"All Torn Down"
    -"Tabletop Show"
    -"Prisoner of Society"

    "This gig was watched by a very important person, Rae Harvey saw the band and wanted to work with them, and she ended up landing the job of being the bands manager, which ended with them recording their EP, she and the band thought that Second Solution was the hit, the media all though that Prisoner of Society was the hit, and so they released a double sided EP, with Prisoner of Society being Track Number 2, but it was then constantly played on Radio, being the number 1 requested song daily"

    Save The Day Tour 1998 - 1999
    -"Second Solution"
    -"Growing Up (Falling Down)"
    -"I Want A Day"
    -"Save The Day"
    -"Fly Away"
    -"West End Riot"

    "After much success with this album, it was time to write another, they had a million ideas to make this and ended up recording about 40 songs, in which was broken down to 14, the songs in themselves had a million ideas too, and it was hard for them to break the songs down, their producer Nick Launey did one hell of a job in making the songs listenable but still maintain their originality"

    Roll On 2000 - 2001
    -"Staring At The Light"
    -"Carry Me Home"
    -"Pictures In The Mirror"
    -"Silent Victory"
    -"Astoria Paranoia"
    -"Roll On"

    "After this it was a bad time for the band, front man Chris Cheney was badly injured in a car accident, in which he couldn't walk for six months, and on top of that, the drummer, Trav Demsey has left the band after a growing dislike of heavy touring, they made him work all too hard and he just missed his family because he was on the road way too much. They since brang on new Drummer Andy Strachan to record an EP, and then go on to the Big Day Out in 2003"

    One Said To The Other 2002-2003
    -"Don't Shut The Gate"
    -"Riot On Broadway"
    -"What Would You Do?"
    -"One Said To The Other"

    After their new drummer was exposed to the world, it was time for the band to record a new album, this time, a much easier listen than Roll On, and it was off to the United States to record their Album "Modern ARTillery".

    Modern ARTillery 2003-2004
    -"End of the World"
    -"Maitland Street"
    -"Hold Up"
    -"Putting You Down"
    -"Short Notice"
    -"Who's Gonna Save Us?"

    "After very little success with this album and criticism from the weak sound that was in it, Chris had enough of the media, and decided that if they were gonna make a new album, they wanted every song to be classics, nothing was gonna be less than a classic for this album, in which then made State of Emergency"

    State of Emergency 2005-2006

    -"We Want More"
    -"Wake Up"
    -"I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got"
    -"Nothing Lasts Forever"
    -"'Til The End"
    -"What's On Your Radio?"

    "On 06/10/06, 3/4s away through a gig in the Gold Coast, Chris had an on stage epiphany, after years of relentless touring, it was time for a Hiatus, Chris had reached a point where he was sick and tired of being a rock star, he just wanted to catch the plane home, he just wanted to see what else there was in life and he just wasn't looking forward to their next album, but after afew months off they released a monster of a record, White Noise, their 5th album"

    White Noise Tour 2008
    -"Make The Call"
    -"New Frontier"
    -"Sum of Us"
    -"White Noise"

    "After the success of White Noise, they announced another Australian Tour, which was in May, which would then be the last Australian Tour for the year"

    Raise The Alarm Tour 2009
    -"Moment In The Sun"
    -"Waiting For The Silence"
    -"How Do We Know?"
    -"Loaded Gun"
    -"Hey Hey Disbeliever"
    -"Raise The Alarm"
  • KierenJohnKierenJohn Unsigned
    edited November 2009
    TLE rocks Comon HMX!!!.... we want DLC !!!!
  • xXZeroOverrideXxxXZeroOverrideXx Rising Star
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    The Living End 01
    Carry Me Home
    Prisoner of Society
    Riot on Broadway

    Would be my 3-pack
  • BigJAG2004BigJAG2004 Opening Act
    edited November 2009
    A 3 pack would be hard for me to make, because the songs I want in it no one knows, but they are my favourites, plus it'd be hard to pick 3, but I've tried nad here we go. See if you know these songs, +10 respect points if you do.

    1) There Is No Radio
    2) New Frontier
    3) The Room

    Alright, if you have Modern Artillery you know the last one, but the other 2 are just amazing on all instruments, have a listen when you can.
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