Treat Of The Week : June 9th - 13th

CyberdyneCyberdyne Rising Star
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my god... i passed Indestructible on expert.... my leg is still killing me. the other 2.... no dice. Hard only. i played the pack about 5 times over the weekend, mostly just on sunday when recovering from a wedding. rocked the bass, guitar, and drums all on hard. and crushed Inde on expert.

funny thing is, my buddy came over lastnight to check it out, we played a 4 song setlist, (him on hard bass, me on expert drums), started with some forplay/longtime, (i failed 3 times the intro) then some Priest, killed it, destroyed some bon jovi..... then Indestructible... i failed another 4 times... one was at 91%, my leg was killing, it was late.... we didnt give up.

we finished it and i killed it with 95% on expert my 5th time through (about 8th time that day playing this tune.) but the crazy thing was, after loosing about 60,000+ fans, we gained NOTHING!!!!! i think it was because we replayed a 'make a 4 song set list'.

but ahh well, its only a game. its not like i don't have the endless setlist already :)

so treat of the week this week, Disturbed Disturbed Disturbed..... and if i havent said so yet in this rant, the Disturbed pack is killer!


  • CyberdyneCyberdyne Rising Star
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    so what is/was everyone playing this week/end?
  • S1ckH4ndsS1ckH4nds YouTube Guru
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    This weekend it's been revisiting the classics: the Black Sabbath Pack 01. Yeah, they're covers... so what? They're still all fun as all hell to play. :D
  • TheGodFather73TheGodFather73 Road Warrior
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    I finally beat Flirtin' With Disaster on Hard and figured it would be a while before I had to worry about that song again on Expert. Well, I'm already on the last tier of Expert. At least all five songs are giving me some trouble so I won't have to hear JUST that song over and over and over again. I like also, but was stuck on it way too long to get much out of it anymore.

    The rest of my time was on Disturbed and Jimmy Buffett with my online buds.
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