More Pixies After Doolittle?

Crackerdamus101Crackerdamus101 Rising Star
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Do you guys want anymore?


  • Knights_of_NiKnights_of_Ni Rising Star
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    I voted no because there wasn't an answer that was more closely related to my opinon. If they release more Pixies I might download it but there are lots of other bands I would rather see.
  • rockfresh126rockfresh126 Road Warrior
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    Need a new because we'll already have a ton of them. i'd like a few more bands
  • ASPSAXASPSAX Rising Star
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    Hate is a strong word, but it would certainly take a hell of a fun song to warrant any future Pixies DLC.
  • qwertyuioqwertyuio Unsigned
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    no freakin way, I don't care how much anyone likes the Pixies, I wouldn't want my favorite band to be the bulk of this game.

    They will already show up almost 20 PERCENT OF THE TIME in a 2 song setlist, and way more often for people with less dlc.

    Think about it: you have 57 non-pixies songs + 15 pixies songs.... almost half the time pixies would be bound to show up in a 2 song random setlist. Pixies-only fans are going to have to buy the rest of the dlc just to make sure they don't have to overplay them, lol.

    think if the only dlc you got was the full albums... you'd basically only be playing cars, jp, and pixies, lol, this game would be better without dlc!

    8% of the game being one band is way too much already... especially considering how many songs are on the game, damn.

    Personally, I'd much rather 14 new songs from all different bands, who wouldn't argue with that? It'd be twice as good as the week we got all those euro songs and even better since they'd most likely be songs we're familiar with.
  • MichuraMichura Rising Star
    edited June 2008
    I would vote no even though I am not familiar with them. If the band already has a full album, then their fans can go without anymore songs for a long time. Some of us have been waiting for even one song of our favourite stuff.
  • litaljohnlitaljohn Road Warrior
    edited June 2008
    I would say sure, but in do time. To be honest I don't like the band.... listening to them more I like them less and less and time went on, and a part of that may have been the "lifeless" live videos I see of performances. the one guy always seems to sorta just stand there in a t shirt and pretty much reminds me of the bassist on Finger Eleven

    (which if anyone sees the band is the funniest thing, James black who is my fav. guitarist after sambora and the other guitarist lose themselves and put on a crazy show if not a little over the top while the bassist sits in a back corener and plays barely moving. if anyone is on a 360 you can download their concert for free and see what I mean! )

    but anyways off of that tangent I understand a heck of alot of people do like the pixies, and so I wouldn't want them to feel this would be their only hoorah and they could not see more of their favorites. the one thing I would hope though would be that it comes out in due time. If im not mistaken with the number of tracks on the disc, this will be the band with the most songs in the game. I would hope that there would be a grace period that many other bands could be put in the game before we get hit with more pixies.
  • Deryn_CanayDeryn_Canay Unsigned
    edited June 2008
    Just "Where Is My Mind," seems to be the only song I like by them.
  • BuRn7 CaK3BuRn7 CaK3 Banned
    edited June 2008
    i dont like the pixies. Thats all. :D
  • sandswipesandswipe Rising Star
    edited June 2008
    Definitely yes, but not until December or later.
  • Rock_StarmanRock_Starman Headliner
    edited June 2008
    Yes. Where is My Mind? has to be in. After that? No thanks. I don't know why it's not there now.
  • FlumpfFlumpf Unsigned
    edited June 2008
    Please, just give me 'Bone Machine' and I'll shut up.

  • 85ftw85ftw Opening Act
    edited June 2008
    yea more pixies and maybe a new version of rock band called rock band pixies :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: glad this will be the first week in forever i won't be getting any songs
  • Jack_TJack_T Opening Act
    edited June 2008
    Where is my mind. I remember when someone told me that song was on doolittle and i asked for the album for a holiday. i was so disappointed it wasnt the one that had where is my mind, some one later just gave me the mp3 of it.

    after listening to the album (a lot) eventually i grew to like it. Im buying this album release but i would have enjoyed surfer rosa better since i has my favorite song.

    i think honestly there shouldv'e just been a pixies pack

    where is my mind
    monkeys gone to heaven
    There goes my gun

    those are just there most popular songs (i didnt list wave of mutilation).

    Please Rock Band release Where is my mind as a single. idc if the other two songs are awful or are from bands i dislike. I would probably play this song over and over.

    i would pay double for just this song. i think id even pay triple. this is the song that got me into the pixies.

    oh yeah, i also recomend canonball by the breeders (if youre a pixies fan you'll know this band)
  • brobotbrobot Sorbital, Silicon Dioxide and Magnesium Stearate
    edited June 2008
    I say yes but in due time. Even though I do love some Pixies there are alot of bands out there that I would love to have. You know more Muse, some Bloc Party, some more weezer, Zepplin, more RHCP, Modest Mouse, BEATLES. Just to name a few.
  • killer_roachkiller_roach Washed Up
    edited June 2008
    No, not really... I still think we're getting the wrong Pixies album (more of a Surfer Rosa fan myself), but the songs are musically inconsistent, not to mention (on balance) painfully short. They're great for the Pixies die-hards, but they really suck for party play (unless the people at your party are Pixies fans as well)... don't think I've had anyone ever touch Wave of Mutilation at an event I've run.
  • LavosLavos Unsigned
    edited June 2008
    I dunno, most critics (and friends of mine) consider Doolittle to be the most accessible Pixies album. I'd probably agree, especially when so many people say "I like Surfer Rosa" they mean "I like Where Is My Mind." Can you imagine Vamos in Rock Band?

    Not voting because I adore the band but for the sake of variety I wouldn't want another bunch of songs available. Occasional individual tracks down the line, sure.
  • UltraceUltrace Road Warrior
    edited June 2008
    As usual, these polls are too limited. It's not that I hate the pixies, but I think after an album of 15 songs, we should be done with any band for a good year or two. I chose not to vote.
  • S1ckH4ndsS1ckH4nds YouTube Guru
    edited June 2008
    I'd buy them, but I'd be willing to put a ten spot on the album selling so horribly that it totally nullifies any future chances of additional Pixies material. Debaser will probably sell all right, Here Comes Your Man and Monkey Gone To Heaven have a fair shot, but the remaining tracks on the album will have a worse showing than Cherry Bomb or the Mother Hips tracks.

    And then all the DLC haters on the forum will have a new band to use as a solitary punchline for all of their witticisms. Instead of "LOL Mother Hips amirite guize" it'll be "LOL Pixies amirite guize"., yeah, in summary, thanks Harmonix for releasing this album. I'm looking forward to it, and if by some stroke of luck it doesn't do so pathetically unwell that additional songs are under consideration for future release, I'll grab those too. :)
  • back_blowsback_blows Washed Up
    edited June 2008
    No more Pixies, please. To quote one of the HMX mods (I'm sorry I can't recall who said it), "Variety is good".
  • Samuel346Samuel346 Headliner
    edited June 2008
    I'm sorry- what?

    They're gonna release how many songs for this band while some genres don't even have any songs in the game?

    Sorry, voted no.

    I don't hate the Pixies(even though I don't much like them) but there's no excuse with the pure amount of genres and the thousands of bands that exist/have existed for any band to get more DLC space after they've already had their cut.

    After a band gets a three pack(or more) they don't need any more DLC for a while- a long while.

    Too much ground to cover- and with weekly releases of 3 - 6 it will only take a 1000 years to release most of the music of the last 40 years.
  • nsaucdiv151nsaucdiv151 Opening Act
    edited June 2008
    Dear God, please no. I'm glad that those of you who like the Pixies are getting this album, but if the rest of their stuff is anything like this, I would be fine with never hearing their music again. The only song on it that doesn't make me want to kill small furry animals is Debaser. And Debaser's not good, it just sucks in less ways.

    But, if they do release more Pixies after Dolittle, I can just do the same thing I'm doing with this album: not download it. That's the beauty of optional content.
  • S1ckH4ndsS1ckH4nds YouTube Guru
    edited June 2008
    nsaucdiv151;755849 said:
    The only song on it that doesn't make me want to kill small furry animals is Debaser.
    Ripped from the headlines;
    The Sun is there.
  • afterstasisafterstasis Washed Up
    edited June 2008
    "gigantic" is a must... i'm no rush for it, but i really want to see it one day. that song made me pick up my first bass guitar... then after i had that, it made me want a sex-change so i could match kim's vocals!
  • m00pm00p Banned
    edited June 2008
    No more pixies please.

    You can never have enough Led Zeppelin though
  • WheezyWheezy Opening Act
    edited June 2008
    I don't like the Pixies at all, so I think having a full album by them released as DLC is a waste (but for those of you that like the Pixies, I'm sure you're very happy to have a full album of their tunes for Rock Band).

    That being said, I think it's safe to say that you probably won't see any more DLC from Judas Priest, The Cars, or the Pixies in Rock Band (at least not for a very long time), since they all now have at least 10 songs in Rock Band.
  • SpandrelSpandrel Road Warrior
    edited June 2008
    I wish we could sub out a few of the "Doolittle" tracks and put in some tracks from "Trompe Le Monde" like "Motorway To Roswell", "Letter To Memphis", or their cover of the J&MC's "Head On". I can't think of what I'd want off of "Bossa Nova" other than maybe "Velouria" or "Rock Music".
  • darknessmoondarknessmoon Road Warrior
    edited June 2008
    I'm down, but not right now right now. More like, later, later. They gots to give other people a shot at what they would like to see in the game too, ya know? :D
  • VedicardiVedicardi Road Warrior
    edited June 2008
    Deryn_Canay;754749 said:
    Just "Where Is My Mind," seems to be the only song I like by them.
    I like a lot more of their songs but just Where Is My Mind on it's own could topple this whole freaking album.
  • ChargedCharged Rising Star
    edited June 2008

    Jesus, you guys are morons. Where Is My Mind is the best song they ever made. I dont care how slow it is or how easy it is, it needs to be in the game. After that, I am satisfied. Maybe Velouria, but thats it.
  • brobotbrobot Sorbital, Silicon Dioxide and Magnesium Stearate
    edited June 2008
    You know what they do need to add (In Heaven) Lady in the Radiator. Now that would kick so much ass the disc may stop spinning.
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