Additional DLC pack for week of 6/24!

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Some of you may remember this particular choice quote from earlier this week:
HMXJohnlok said:
Well, I was wrong! Fancy that!

In addition to Pixies "Doolittle" (click for the Pixies announcement), we are also offering a three pack from Weezer, straight off of their new album!

Weezer Pack 01:

Dreamin' (Master)
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Master)
Troublemaker (Master)

All three tracks will be available individually for $1.99 (or 160 Microsoft Points) or as a pack for $5.49 (440 Microsoft Points).

Please discuss this week's offerings here: DISCUSSIONZ!!!
For all DLC song credits, please visit:

PS - That is a lot of freakin' DLC.
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