Play Doolittle with Me (and maybe some other HMX'ers)

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Hey everybody,

On Wednesday night, June 25th, I (and hopefully other Harmonix Devs) will jump online at 8pm EST and play songs from the Doolittle album with you. I am that stoked to have it out there as DLC.

So here is how this works, what you will need:

- A 360 with an online enabled Gamertag
- The Pixies album DLC (once individual tracks go up you can get those too but the truth is I plan to play through the whole album, Silver included)
- You'll need to friend me and any other devs who show up here.
- (OPTIONAL) You can also friend each other to make this a bigger party.

Here is what you need from me-

- My gamertag: MufflerCapybara (note that there is a limit to how many people I can friend).

Let's do this thing!


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