Rock Blog Thursday 06/14/07

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Heck of a zombie attack yesterday, eh? Don't worry, some of us are feeling much better. Others, well, they have had their desks moved into the basement. It was a lot of fun for us to write about and we hope you dug it. Maybe we can do it again next year!

At any rate you are getting three blogs today to make up for the fact that blogs might be a little slow tomorrow. As you may have read in Heather's blog we are taking a company trip out to an island and having a clambake. It's going to be rad. We rented a boat and everything. I think tomorrow's bloggers are still going to try to get something in but I can't promise anything.

Today, though, we have some excellence. First off we have Warburg making bold claims about golf and also detailing the gigantic shipment of radness that showed up from Amazon for him. Next we have QA, who continue their perfect streak of amazing blogs with this gem- they are testing out special concoctions of liquids mixed from the company's drink fridge. Lastly, Heather pulls at our heart strings with what it is like to be, you know, infected the day after the zombocalypse. She may be looking a little grey, and she drags a leg behind her when she walks, but she can still type good!

Warburg With Weather and Sports

QA Makes Free (for a very good reason) Cocktails

Heather's Fallout From Yesterday's Zombocalypse


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