AC/DC, Van Halen, Motley Crue...List Your "Classic Hits" Here!

Dave RedhairDave Redhair Unsigned
edited June 2008 in Your Ultimate Setlist
I Am A big fan of great music and after getting rock band I have come to appreciate my great music because as I have found out with RB there is still some crap music being distributed about.

I would love Hits Like:
Hell's Bells
High Voltage

Van Halen
Hot For Teacher

Motley Crue
Hell On High Heels
Smoking In the Boy's Room
Girls,Girls, Girls

I would Like to see your "Classics" and when I mean Classics I mean anything from we will say anything before 1995. Cause this is a teen game and if you don't know any classics before 1995 you shouldn't have the Game. But Ratings I guess don't mean crap. I took my 8 year old nephew to best buy and told him to pick a game for his birthday gift in April and he got GTA 4. the funny thing is he paid with it in his birthday money by himself and they sold it to him. So again ratings are a enforce if you want type thing.

So again a classic from or before 1995.


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