Rock Blog Wednesday 10/24/07

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Hey all. Sorry for the radio silence it has been a weird wild week. I'm sure, as there has been a lot of discussion, that many of you have seen that the truck tour is currently in our own backyard of Cambridge on Thursday and Friday. I'm hoping to be there at least part of the day each day if you want to stop by.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center
120 Vassar Street (In front of the Fitness Center/Next to Student Center)
11:00AM – 6:00PM

On Friday we have our very own Bang Camaro playing at 1pm for half an hour (so as not to disrupt the brilliance at MIT) which will be awesome. Especially awesome since pretty much all of Harmonix is going to make the short hike down there and see them in lieu of eating lunch and... you know... working. Come and hang.


Canfield further breaks down the character creator. (EDITORS NOTE- You can't actually put your band logo as is onto your clothes all willy nilly. Due to the seperate systems you'd have to make it over again in the store and then apply it. Which shouldn't be too hard or too much of a chore as the character creator RULEZ!)

Moss - brief but enlightening.



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