Arm Pain When Drumming

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Do any of you experience arm pain from drumming? I always take a break whenever I feel any pain whatsoever but really would like to figure out ways to drum longer without needing to stop.

I feel like Rock Band is really weird in terms of form... I used to hold my sticks kinda sideways so that my thumb would be on the side (fingernail perpendicular to the floor), but I've felt that playing with my thumb on top of the stick (fingernail parallel to the floor) tends to wear me out slower. Basically my traditional grip is exactly like this: which is what I use when I play my drumset.

Lately I've found it easier to play closer to basically what you see Calimist playing here (also closer to Azurite):

What I don't know is whether the new way I've been playing is contributing to my arms getting tired out faster overall, or whether there's any other good tips or tricks for keeping my arm endurance up. Anyone have any ideas?

Rock Band can be kinda intense on expert drums... I already threw my neck once playing Perfect Drug and I think I hurt my wrists when I tried playing RttH three times in a row... I actually didn't bring RB home with me over the 4th just to make sure I wouldn't be tempted to play it and hurt myself more :/

I really hope whatever the next model is that they introduce for RB2 is more ergonomic.


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