awesome multiplayer ideas

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  It would be awesome if there was online play.
 Leaderboards-there would be leaderboards for players and bands it would say in this in this order going across: your gamertag, your instrument, your personal rank, and what band your in. you could ask for a trade from there. 
Clans- Instead of clans there would be bands which can have no less than 4 members and could have backup players if desired. you would be able to kick out other players of the band if you are the person who created the band. you could also trade band members for other band members in other bands. the band would be ranked for the percent of ranked band clashes won. It would be ranked by letters[A+=very good F=horrible ect....].
  Personal rankings-you would have a personal rank which would detirmined by how well you did in ranked band matches and the percentage of won ranked duets. this would also be ranked by letters.   
Duets-you can chose ranked or unranked. Players with the same instruments would play a duet and the winner[if it was ranked] would get their personal ranking raised.
  Band clashes- you could chose this to be ranked or unranked. you would need 4 band members that ar in your band that are online willing  to do this.first, the band that hosted the band clash would pick a song and a dificulty and play it they would then get a total score [which would be all of the individual players's score added up]. then the other band would goand get their total score. if it was ranked the outcome of the match would change the bands' ranks and the band members' ranks. Please put these ideas in the game i would really appriciate it.  


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