Help me. Please./

spheresphere Road Warrior
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I don't know what's /caus/ing/ thi/s, /but since this morning I'/m gett/ing random slashes thrown into ///everything I do. Makes browsing almost impossible, as it a/lso bring/s up the '/quick find' box in Firefox and immediately searchs /for a slash /on the /page, which makes it /jump all over t/he /place. Any idea what might/ be ca/using this? I changed keyboa/rds, but it even does it with none plugged in. I did a /virus scan in safe mode - no dice. Sorry about the slashes btw, I tried getting rid of as ma/ny as I/ could but 2 more/ pop up as soon as I get r/id o/f one. /C/ou/ld it be a virus/?//


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