Rock Band's Final Update

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Do you guys think there should be one last update before Rock Band 2? I do I think it should have the following features:

[*]Being able to hear drum fills and Rock Endings for all instruments online (It's not that hard, all Harmonix has to do is send the buttons that are being pressed to the other systems.)
[*]Being able to hear the singer (That should be easy too. Since, we do that with voice chat.)

Anybody have anymore ideas?


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    Both those things cant be done due to latency (lag) issues.

    The way the game works online is to send an approximation of online players playing. So if they miss a red note, u might see them hit it, but then miss the next one.

    So to stream the singing live would be imspossible because it would always be out of time.

    A new patch would be cool though. Even just to fix how the PS3 song list scrolls.
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    All I want for an update is a fix for the scrolling speed in single player.
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