new Metallica DLC hits day and date with the new Metallica album

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new Metallica DLC hits day and date with the new Metallica album,,, at least for GH, not sure for RB.


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    All GH talk to be kept in the General forums please.
  • kiggidykevkiggidykev Thinks about pandas
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    Cool. Got a link for this?
  • BuRn7 CaK3BuRn7 CaK3 Banned
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    it was announced at E3 about 40 mins ago. Pretty neat actually!

    it'll start floating around the interwebz today. so yeah
  • KevhouseKevhouse Opening Act
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    Does anyone else remember Metallica promising this album to RB back in January or so? I remember a point in time where they said they were sold on it, and were bringing it to rock band on release...

    GH announced they have it, maybe Metallica will release it on both? that'd be pretty epic. Metallica is probably the one band that hasn't taken sides with HMX or Activision, I like it.
  • UltimatumUltimatum Washed Up
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    Metallica simply does not have the ability to play Thrash anymore, James' voice is shot.
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