My review of The Dark Knight (9.6/10)

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The Dark Knight is a film that starts off open but then comes together and builds up

and up

and up

until a point where your mouth hangs open and your chest is tight ..

Thats how I felt during the movie, I felt my insides push together, my chest tighten and my whole body just rise as the movie reached its climax

Christopher Nolan is a master of direction, a master of storytelling and weaving hard questions into a form that makes it easy to understsand

Batman isn't as "title" character as he was in the first film, instead

The Joker

is the main guy, he's what drives the story forward, he makes you watch his every move, he is what you wanted to see, he is the shroud of insanity and corruption

there isn't a moment where you see Health Ledger, the whole time you see a living, breathing Joker, there is no acting, there is only Joker, I'm not saying that because tabloids said that he got lost in his role, but wow...I have never seen anyone so.....transformed, its like they locked him in a room with melting walls and endless video of people getting chopped up with upbeat happy music playing

The Joker doesn't brainwash people, he doesn't have any need for money or reward for himself, rather his life objective is to create havoc, he lives to corrupt and see what people do in anarchy..

but not straight havoc where there are good guys and bad guys

instead its havoc where he...manipulates and corrupts people, good and bad, to do his will

he creates situations where average Joe would shoot someone, the reward is what people want most, and that is to live

I have trouble writing this review because its not all clear cut cookie, the storyline isn't normal, it isn't what you'd expect

it comes with heavyness, it comes with questions, it evens makes Batman run from the city

The film has perfect casting, Harvey Dent was perfectly casted, he is confident, strong and has a convincing but humble approach to his work

Batman is no longer a child, in the first film I felt he was a bit of a kid when he first became batman and he just kind of played around and swatted that fly of a bad guy who was just as boring as cheese sticks

but in the Dark Knight, Batman is a stronger, more powerful, more wiser, he understands what he is and what he must do

Rachel, while I kind of felt she didn't "look" the part, she certainly acted it right and was miles better than Katie Holmes

the film questions morality a lot, what would you do to stay alive? to keep your world safe?

for example, there is a part where there is a boat full of civilians and a boat full of prisoners and both have a detonator to explode the other boat

now they have 15minutes to hit the detonator or they both die

now who would you save?

it sounds easy but you have to see how the scene plays out to understand how different people react to such a situation, and they're not faceless people or criminals, they have feelings and wants and needs

The film has some amazing camera work, especially the car chases, the car chases alone make me laugh at the camera work in the fast and the furious films or any racing film for that matter

the camera isn't static, it weaves in and out of the traffic in a way that you have this survivial reaction to move out of the way

there are moments where you cannot believe how they got the shot..

I just can't get over the Joker

it should be called Joker: The Dark Knight

he is the most insane..he doesn't spin on his head or anything, its all subtle, its all little twitches that he does

its how he delivers his lines, how he licks his lips and moves his head, its how he walks and how he breathes

in the whole film, the crowd cheered three times and each time it was because of the Joker or something involving him

he's very funny, if I tell you then I'm spoiling the film but really, its not in your face haha, its more like "are you serious!?!" kind of laughter

which is ironic because the Joker's tagline really is "Why so serious"

the film however isn't perfect

it suffers from "indestructable character for storyline" syndrome
like if Batman can kill so many criminals so easily then why doesn't he kill Joker when he has the chance, and he has quite a few chances to do so

it just doesn't make sense to me

The music is probably the bass line of the movie, you don't directly pay attention to it, but its what drives the film into full throttle, its what makes you jump, makes your heart beat and makes you gasping

utterly gasping for breath

there was around 10minutes in the film where I was so overwhelmed by the film that I utterly forgot in the upmost sense that I was watching a film and not something that was actually happening

there is no high string happy violins that you'd hear in a Steven Spielgberg film when the good guy wins

its all low trumpet, low percussion and it really just touches your back, and lifts you up slowly but firmly, the pounding bass heavy drums just give you this dark, powerful energy, the trumpets or whatever they are just give this epic sweeping feel through your lungs that make you enjoy the air your breathing

I can't describe how powerful the soundtrack really is but I can tell you that I am definitely getting the Soundtrack to the film

The film has moments, just absolutely wow where the crowd didn't say WOW because they wanted to be heard or to amplify the scene, but out of raw reaction to what they had just seen

There are hints of a sequel but I don't know how they would do it..


Spoiler:Harvey Dent dies too quickly after becoming Two Face, he doesn't really...feel like Two Face, like his anger is well placed but he just doesn' it through his acting

The Joker doesn't die, yet you feel a pang of....sadness and even guilt if he did

The Joker is the most raw form of corruption yet for him to die would leave this..void, he is the all consuming, all manipulating force of the city who has nothing to lose, he has such an impact on the city and he makes Batman want to eat breakfast in the morning

so for him to die would to..just make people wonder if there is any point for Batman to exist, he's become such a powerful figure that it makes the druglords look like children

there are points in the film that question Batman's longetivity, mostly because Harvey Dent is so damn good at his job that maybe Batman isn't needed anymore

The film doesn't feel like "story, action scene, sad scene" etc, it feels like one big...event where there is a lot of decisions and a lot of reactions to that decisions..

The film begins a little muddy, but after it lays all the cards on the floor, it definitely picks up

the acting is top notch from the main actors but why are there a few B grade actors in the film?

it kind of tarnishes it because its obvious that they're acting and not totally into their role

I can't exactly define this film in my own mind, I can't lay it out, I just feel like I have to write how much of an impact the Joker has on everything in the film

The film defies the normal hero film where the good guy wins and learns something, the film is a direct contradiction of it instead and that is what makes it so...amazing

the good guy doesn't kill the bad guy and goes into the city with all the glory, far from it actually..

The sense of Authority is really..crushed, the law enforcement feels so weak against The Joker, it directly defies the efficiency of the police

The Joker also suffers from "all knowing" bad guy syndrome where he knows things that makes you go "eh? how does he know"

so to summarise

Top notch soundtrack that vastly brings out so much more
perfect casting for lead actors
indepth and layered story with lots of questions
The Joker in everything he does
amazing and groundbreaking action scenes
the film doesn't conclude rather it raises more questions
Perfect atmosphere

a few weak support/lesser roles
some scenes aren't the most logical and really removes the atmosphere

Spoiler:Two Face gets killed off too quickly and feels like a forced character

the film doesn't conclude rather it raises more questions (its a good and bad thing)
Batman became more of a secondary character to Joker
The all knowing bad guy syndrome

Spoiler:character-doesn't-die-for-storyline syndrome



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