Weird-News: Pizza Robber gets Cold Knockout

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This video's a keeper!

A robber holding up a pizza restaurant in Denton, Texas, didn't count on running into a brave 17-year-old employee who fought back and knocked out the robber and it was all caught on tape.

This security video from the Pizza Patron restaurant Friday night shows the robber wearing a wig and sunglasses and he appears to be holding a silver handgun.

But when he slaps 17-year-old Rudy Sandoval, Sandoval fights back.

Then as a female employee hands the robber money from the cash register, 17-year-old Sandoval reappears and just unloads on the robber knocking him out.

He was unconscious on the floor for several minutes before he woke up and ran away.

But a couple witnesses chased him down and police arrested him.

41-year-old Benjamin Ramirez has been charged with aggravated robbery.

News from WRCB:

Here's the video!


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