Styx DLC. Period.

White_PawZWhite_PawZ Road Warrior
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We MUST have Styx! Unless they are being a pain in the ass with licensing there is NO reason why this epic band is not in the game (unless they are about to unleash an entire Styx album on us!)

I just saw a Boston/Styx concert and WHAT A SHOW! Styx is still out touring, no reason why they don't make a little extra cash by selling their songs via RB DLC!

It makes no sense to me why they have not appeared. This is a band that charges fans to register for its official message board! LOL

You would think that if there was a buck to be made, they would be all about making it.

Here are the MUST HAVE Styx songs:

1) Blue Collar Man
2) Renegade
3) Too Much Time on My Hands
4) The Grand Illusion
5) Fooling Yourself (Angry Young Man)
6) Come Sail Away

if I had to choose JUST ONE song, DEFINITELY Blue Collar Man!!!!!!


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