DLC Week of July 22nd- Nine Inch Nails and Shinedown

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Hey Guys. I'm sure you're all itching to know what tasty downloadables we're throwing your way next week, so I'll keep it brief. Sean and friends are flying back from E3 (which went phenomenally) and will be back next week, so toss all your empties in the recycling bin and try not to make it look like we partied too hard while they were gone. Here we go:


Shinedown “Junkies For Fame” Exclusive To Rock Band

Harmonix and MTV Games announced today the addition of Nine Inch Nails and Shinedown to the Rock Band™ Music Store catalog of downloadable content. Available July 22, the NIN three-pack includes the psychotic audio thrill ride "Burn” from the Natural Born Killers soundtrack, “Capital G” from their conceptual fifth studio release Year Zero, and “Last” from the second studio release, EP Broken. Nine Inch Nails is the Grammy winning industrial rock act founded by producer, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Trent Reznor more than 20 years ago with over 20 millions albums sold world wide. Each track will be available for $1.99 per track (160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) or $5.49 (440 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) for the three-pack.

Shinedown contribute “Devour” from their current release and third album The Sound of Madness, and the much sought after, never released “Junkies For Fame” available for the first time as a single exclusively to Rock Band. Shinedown formed in Jacksonville, Florida in early 2001 and have spent much of their career touring and opening for some of music’s top rock acts including Van Halen. Each track will be available for $1.99 per track (160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360).

Release date: Tuesday, July 22, 2008 (Xbox LIVE® Marketplace)
Thursday, July 24, 2008 (PLAYSTATION®Store)

Tracks: Nine Inch Nails 3-pack
“Capital G”

“Junkies For Fame”

Price: $5.49 (440 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) for NIN 3-pack
$1.99 (160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) per individual

Locations: Xbox LIVE® Marketplace and PLAYSTATION®Network

** Dates for Rock Band game tracks are tentative and subject to change **

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