Modern Music, Metal, Classic Rock, or Country?

ParamoreParamore Opening Act
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I personally like all types of music except country, hiphop, and rap. But I really like modern and metal. Some days, I'm in a METAL mood and I listen to heavy hardcore stuff. And other times, I feel calm and I listen to modern music. Lol, it depends on my mood really.


  • BigMonkEBigMonkE Road Warrior
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    I clicked on Country or Southern Rock for Southern Rock only.
  • ParamoreParamore Opening Act
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    So it seems that everyone likes metal.
  • JerryBrudosJerryBrudos Rising Star
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    Metal mostly but I really enjoy some southern and classic rock as well. Country I'm not too taken with but it still sounds good but tbh its different enough from southern rock that you probably should have separated it.
  • onduvalstonduvalst Road Warrior
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    What no Hair Metal and southern rock should be don't want the country freaks to get their hope up. :)
  • fetaltorpedofetaltorpedo Unsigned
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    I'm gonna be honest, I listen to metal all the time and would like to see more modern metal in rock band but sometimes I like playing songs like the kill or crushcrushcrush because they are a nice vacation from my typical stuff. I'm all for songs from bands like oasis that give you that nice "band hug" ballad feel.
  • ParamoreParamore Opening Act
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    In my opinion, modern metal isn't good. Well, some modern metal is good. This is just my opinion anyways. I'm not trying to start an argument here. I'm just saying :D
  • instantdeath999instantdeath999 Washed Up
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    I have to ask... why put Southern rock in the same category as Country? That's like comparing Death metal and hard rock... can seem similar, but wildly different.

    Anyway, I would be fine with all.
  • KilyleKilyle Opening Act
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    I grew up country, and it's still my favorite genre - so the news that Harmonix is definitely going to bring country to RB2 is welcome news. But really, what I want to hear is a lot of different types.

    Between Guitar Hero and Rock Band, I've been learning to appreciate a wide range of music that I had never listened to before. And bands that I knew by name and had never connected to a single song (Iron Maiden, Guns 'n' Roses, Metallica, etc.) are turning out to have songs that become some of my favorites.

    So because these games are so good at teaching me to appreciate and even embrace rock from several different styles, I really want to hear all sorts of rock, as well as whatever non-rock genres can be brought into the game (the ones that fit with the instruments and the general game concept, of course). We have Freezepop, which I understand is... "electronica"? I'm hoping to see some Ska in here. Harmonix is looking into Hip-Hop and R&B. I'm glad they decided to ignore the "Rock Band is for Rock alone" argument and simply choose music that suits the gameplay elements.

    These forums have helped me to put names to some of the styles I didn't realize were even styles.

    I love Tom Sawyer and want to hear more from Rush... turns out that that means I like Progressive Rock.

    A couple of my favorite AMV's have songs by the Reel Big Fish... turns out I love Ska. And since some Ska has the right leading instruments, I look forward to seeing it as DLC.

    And then there's Ter
  • guitarguru2112guitarguru2112 Opening Act
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    Classic rock all the way! I love the cool guitar solos, awesome riffs, and high vocals. It is the only type of music that I never stopped liking.
  • DoughoefDoughoef Road Warrior
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    Modern rock all the way. We have plenty of classic rock for the most part and new metal is so cliche.
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