Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame... Really?

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This may or may not have been really mentioned but i'm really curious as to how long of a list that can be composed of all the deserving artists yet to be included into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame to really make it what it was originally set out to be. I'm mainly setting a list of bands/artists that truly do deserve a spot within this giant list already. The next coming year is 2009 which means any act before 1984 is a go for this list.
Also remember, that many bands that are in the Rock and Roll hall of fame may/may not be of actual Rock roots. I mean, of course, sub genres like alternative, punk, heavy, metal, etc etc. Example artists who may fit the bill: Madonna (what the ****...), Sex pistols (they didn't want to be in it), Black Sabbath (they were heavy but still great).

Missing In Action:
The Band or Artist: / Beginning Year: / Popularity Rating: / Note: / Famous Songs:
Boston (1976) [9/10] They are by far one of the most recognizeable bands around, they get airtime daily on any classic rock station. "More Then A Feeling", "Peace Of Mind", "Foreplay/Long Time", "Rock and Roll Band", "Smokin'", "Hitch a Ride", "Something About You", "Let Me Take You Home Tonight", "Don't Look Back", "Feeling Satisfied", "A Man I'll Never Be", "Amanda", "We're Ready", "Cool the Engines", "Can'tcha Say You Believe in Me", "I Need Your Love", "Walk On Medley", etc

The Cars (1978) [7/10] They have a couple hits that you may or may not of heard before RB released their Album. "Just What I Needed", "My Best Friends Girlfriend", "Good Times Roll", "You're All I've Got Tonight", "Bye Bye Love", "Moving In Stereo", "Drive", "Let's Go", "Shake It Up", "Stop And Go", "Magic", "I'm Not The One", etc

Genesis (1975) [8/10] They just had a reunion tour, with talks about possibly having a grand "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" tour. "Lamb Lies Down On Broadway", "Carpet Crawlers", "Counting Out Time", "Suppers Ready", "The Musical Box", "The Knife", "No Son of Mine", "Jesus He Knows Me", "I Can't Dance", "Invisible Touch", "Tonight Tonight Tonight", "That's All", "Abacab", "Follow You Follow Me" etc

Jethro Tull (1968) [7/10] The band that has been with us for a long time, with occasional extras like Tony Iommi or Phil Collins. "Aqualung", "Hymn 43", "Bouree", "Living In The Past", "Cross-Eyed Mary", "Cheap Day Return", "Mother Goose", "Wond'ring Aloud", "Up To Me", "My God", "Slipstream", "Locomotive Breath", "Wind Up", "Lick Your Fingers Clean", "Song For Jeffrey", "Fat Man", etc

Metallica Too Lazy To Finish ATM, UPDATE LATER!!!

Mötley Crüe Too Lazy To Finish ATM, UPDATE LATER!!!

Television (1973) [4/10][SIZE"1"]Although only a few people may have ever heard of them, when you did, you really knew they were something spectacular. "See No Evil", "Venus", "Friction", "Marquee Moon", "Elevation", "Guiding Light", "Prove It", "Torn Curtain", "Little Johnny Jewel (Parts 1 & 2)", "1880 Or So", "Shane, She Wrote This", "In World", "Call Mr. Lee", "Rhyme", "No Glamour for Willi", "Beauty Trip", "The Rocket", "This Tune", "Mars", etc

Peter Gabriel (1977) [7/10] Original Genesis frontman, gave them their edge. You may be really surprised how well he is solo. "Sledgehammer", "Shock The Monkey", "Solsburry Hill", "Games Without Frontiers", "I Don't Remember", "Biko", "I Have the Touch", "Big Time", "In Your Eyes", "Red Rain", etc

Joan Jett Too Lazy To Finish ATM, UPDATE LATER!!!

Sting Too Lazy To Finish ATM, UPDATE LATER!!!

I'm off to work atm so later on tonight i will try to finish the already mentioned acts, and then add some more to the list. Please add to this list with requirement meeting acts. Examples:
• Pearl Jam
• Nirvanna
• Red Hot Chilli Peppers (One year off, I think)
• Oasis
• Bo Derek (It is Bo Diddley, and he is on the list... yes, one person has confused the two)


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