Your Rock Band victory for the week...!


  • StunLockStunLock Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    I finally got all the achievements in RB. The last one, 100% vocals on Expert was the easiest, thanks Debaser!! :)
  • DaddyODaddyO Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    The wife and I completed the Endless Setlist last Friday night on Hard. Got our gold! 251/290 stars isn't something to chant about, but it's done!
  • RecursiveRecursive Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    Finally GS'd Chinacat Sunflower. I've been so close for weeks.
  • ReverseEngineerReverseEngineer Rising Star
    edited August 2008
    I Gold Starred In Bloom on drums (I know, nothing much but that was a big one for me)
    Now all I need is a gold star on Creep and I'm set for the first tier.
    That pesky bass pedal. I'm so inconsistent on it...
  • Ryder77Ryder77 Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    Well, it wasn't so much this week but I beat Tom Sawyer on expert drums and I did pretty good, especially for not playing them for a while. I was happy so I knocked over my drum set and threw my drums sticks.
    edited August 2008
    I'm getting closer to beating Dead on Arrival on Expert drums... a tip of my drumstick is broken after meeting up with the wall when I failed at around 70%.

    I also decided that I'm going to try and 5* all the songs on guitar. I increased my score on GGaHT by about 50k (my score on Hard is still my top score, it's pretty damn high) finally getting 5*.

    I just don't want to meet Thrasher and attempt a 5* run... scary.
  • EspanoEspano Unsigned
    edited August 2008
    I just made the best paintjob on my guitar! I'll post a picture of it including my character later tonight *copenhagen time*.
  • bigmfbigmf Tiny Hulk Smash!
    edited August 2008
    I beat the Reaper on Hard drums. I did it fine all the way through, then on Outro C I cheesed it with my full overdrive bar.

    In celebration I got my first gold star. It was on I Think I'm Paranoid, but still pretty cool to hear the ding right near the end of the song.
  • Xerosnake90Xerosnake90 Road Warrior
    edited August 2008
    I bought 5 more songs bringing me up to 114.

    Almost gold starred Green Grass.

    Raised my Screaming for Vengeance gold from 120somethingk to 137k

    Saints of LA almost gold starred, 2k more.

    Electric eye high score now 163k

    That's about it. All these were on Expert Guitar.
  • C-WeinerC-Weiner Road Warrior
    edited August 2008
    I beat BYOB
  • TheRockerTheRocker Road Warrior
    edited August 2008
    Bought 3 new songs.
    edited August 2008
    Woo! Finally have Dead on Arrival beat!*

    Now I'm just stuck on Don't Fear the Reaper, but I figured that. Still don't see much point in progressing on. Next To You and RTTH (two songs that kept me away from the Hard achievement for quite a while) are going to kill me.

    *by a friend of mine... Heh, I beat GGaHT for him, so he helped me out. Even trade?
  • lpunderground19lpunderground19 Rising Star
    edited August 2008
    My Toxicity bass sightread was 2nd on Score Hero....... I tried it again, and choked at the end. That would have been a first place run (wasn't online, so idk where I rank on the leaderboards).

    And I finally got through TKAR's drumroll to beat it on Expert drums.
  • BTD1980BTD1980 Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    All tonight:

    Unexpectedly beat Flirtin' with Disaster on expert guitar for the first time! Tried to beat my last obstacle (GGaHT) but failed at 80%. I had never beat the first solo before though! Later, I beat Working Man on sight read.

    Then switched to vocals and Gold starred Time We Had, Creep and Wanted Dead or Alive (all 100%s). That brings me to seven Vox GSs and 1 Guitar GS!
  • Bobman32xBobman32x Road Warrior
    edited August 2008
    mine easily wins. no one elses week long achievement can beat mine.
    I won a ps3 at a rock band tournament at lollapolooza by dominating the welcome home score by nearly 500,000 points. full band we hit about 1,400,000 and hammered the top score of 980,000
  • ThornDavisThornDavis Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    Beat Run To The Hills on hard to get the Heavy Hitter achievement last night. It wasn't a confident win - if it hadn't been for the BRE I would have finished with just two stars. 19 note streak. But I limped through to the end and hollered in delight when it happened. At the end my wife said "Does that give you a new respect for Iron Maiden's drummer?" and I replied "No, I f**king hate the guy, more than anyone else on the planet."
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    edited August 2008
    Flawless Singing.

    Yes, it was Blitzkrieg Bop.

    Also, I managed to create something that vaguely resembles a snaggletoothed pineapple in the art creator. Don't ask, it's an inside joke.
  • zztoddzztodd Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    Beat Police - Next to you on drums finally.

    Got my very first gold star (drums).

    Great week for me so far.
  • karate_robotkarate_robot Unsigned
    edited August 2008
    I made my own pedal and it works awesomely, i just need to get used to it

    and last week i was playing with this person online and for about 8 songs in a row we gold starred each one, it was sweet
  • RecursiveRecursive Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    FC'd all the crue pack 2 songs last night. One of which was on the sightread, but you can probably guess which one that was... :/
  • briadavibriadavi Unsigned
    edited August 2008
    I had a few accomplishments this week, but I will mention just one…I am not sure if this is even considered a GREAT accomplishment, but I Gold Starred GG&HT on drums :)
    I was just trying to better my original score and all of a sudden…ding ding ding
    Anyway…I am ranked 1222 right now on drums, but I have to better my scores every day to maintain my ranking :eek:
  • RicoTheAwesomeCatRicoTheAwesomeCat Road Warrior
    edited August 2008
    5 starred BYOB on sightread.
    edited August 2008
    I finally beat Lou on GH3!!!

    Rockband no doubt helped me, as the smaller-timing windows forced me to become much more accurate. I know this because before Rockband I couldn't even beat GH3 on Hard, after Rockband I beat it on Expert.
  • jordanguy93jordanguy93 Unsigned
    edited August 2008
    My friend and I were talking about different things when the topic of rock band came up. He was saying that out of all of our group of friends, he was the best rock band drummer. And right when he said that I knew he was lying because I don't want to sound cocky, but I was better than him so we decided to settle this by playing a couple score duels. At first he was doing well he beat me when playing message in a bottle (btw all this is on expert) he beat me but I had a longer streak. Then we play blood doll and I totally woop his butt. Next he decides to pull out the big guns- run to the hills. He beat me but he made an epic fail during the big rock ending when he screwed up the last note. Finally to end it we decide to play Tom Sawyer. There was no contest, I beat him by about 10,000 points and he signed off in a huff. By then both of us knew that there can be only one really good rock band player in the group of friends. Any way that's my achievement
  • HaveACigarHaveACigar Unsigned
    edited August 2008
    who are you, ride the lightning, and justice for all on expert drums this week :P

    later of the two very near 90%
  • TheKrazyKatzzzTheKrazyKatzzz Road Warrior
    edited August 2008
    I beat my old score on Maps, hurray!
  • jayt0302jayt0302 Rising Star
    edited August 2008
    I finally beat blackened on xpert drums!!!!!
  • ThallisThallis Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    Tonight I 5 starred Toxicity, and 4 stared Ride the Lightning (Not the First time I've beaten it) on Guitar.
  • edited August 2008
    Yesterday, I finally made it through GGaHT on hard guitar tour.

    Today, I sight-read the expert tour without failing until...

    Highway Star bought me a ticket for the failboat, party of one. /sigh
  • SoupRKnowvaSoupRKnowva Unsigned
    edited August 2008
    jayt0302;1003454 said:
    I finally beat blackened on xpert drums!!!!!
    thats awesome, cuase i managed the same exact thing not more than an hour ago, i was so freakin happy!!! and yesterday i beat perfect drug woot!! now if only i could beat dont fear the reaper, i could finish the career :(
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