Your Rock Band victory for the week...!


  • hewhoislikegodhewhoislikegod Road Warrior
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    di-1-9026;1033848 said:
    today i finally got 100% on working man
    Pics or it didn't happen.
  • MistressDMistressD Rising Star
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    I have to share, because I'm really proud of this one; I finally hit over 300,000 points on one song as a vocalist! Finally, early this week I got over 305,000 points for "Indestructible"! Now I just have to FC it. (You can bet that got me a gold star too, though I already had it when I hit over the 260,000 mark). w00t! :D
  • sarysasarysa Opening Act
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    Many victories this week: (all drums)
    I've gotten better at RttH
    I finally got my Destroyer pedal which took me from 3 stars to near 5 stars in Next to You. (I can't believe how much the new pedal made a difference with songs like that!)
    I'm reeeeeally close to 5 stars in Hammerhead, too. I started enjoying the song this week too. :D
    I finally FC'd sabotage (which has been a thorn in my side for awhile)
  • SoulVomitorSoulVomitor Unsigned
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    I beat BYOB on Drums...3 stars

    I got 75% on Sleepwalker on Drums, but only in Practice Mode (100% speed).
  • GamerzGamerz Unsigned
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    I finally 5 starred Enter Sandman on Hard Guitar. It was the last on-disc song that I had left to 5 star, and I just got it at the very end.

    I also started trying some of the DLC I have on expert drums and managed to complete ..And Justice For All. Nearly made my arm fall off though.
  • mysticnejimysticneji Road Warrior
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    5 Stared Constant Motion on Expert Drums on my second time playing it. This will change when I 5 star Aesthetics of Hate.
  • osteofightosteofight Road Warrior
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    Suffragette City on Expert guitar has been a thorn in my side for a month. I one shotted it yesterday and proceeded to blow through the tracks all the way to the last tier. I failed Train Kept a Rollin' (curse you FST!) and Highway Star before quitting for the day but I am still happy about my breakthrough.
  • SneakmanSneakman Unsigned
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    I beat Highway Star on Expert Guitar last night, woo-hoo! I practiced Solo D for over an hour and started getting about 75% on it, so I figured I would give it a shot in career mode. 5-starred it to boot.

    I also FC'd I Think I'm Paranoid, which took me too may attempts to count.
  • ScottSkinsScottSkins Opening Act
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    5*'d All Roadrunner Pack on Drums, Expert. ( Didn't Buy Airbourne tho, was 10 points short :mad: ) and I Finally G5*'d The Greatest Man that ever Lived on Vocals, Expert.
  • vandalizemenow00vandalizemenow00 Road Warrior
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    Gold Starred two songs on drums-Bon Jovi and Garbage(I know they are easy)

    Passed 20 million fans in BWT me on vox/guitar, the only reason I'm proud of this is because I have very little singing ability.
  • larsonsclarsonsc Unsigned
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    I finally passed Enter Sandman on Hard guitar after almost 6 weeks of that song treating me like a stepchild. Also managed to pass TKaR and Highway Star on Hard. 3 left to go before I start getting owned on Expert.
  • Jack_TJack_T Opening Act
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    my loss for the week, i had to go down to hard to beat constant motion (i havent played on hard in... omg... idk how long ago)

    win/loss of the week, I made it 97% of the way through green grass and high tides. Im too demoralized to try again anytime soon but it clearly shows ive gotten a lot better at this game.

    win for the week, i can play highway star like it was tier 3 song!!!

    thats my week, pretty dissappointing over all though.
  • Pat V VPat V V Opening Act
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    I finally passed Don't fear the reaper and Foreplay/Longtime, then I completely destroyed the last songs, except Run to the hills :mad: lol
  • LP VickieLP Vickie Unsigned
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    I reached 10 millions points in vocal career. I am now in the top 200 singer. I just got there yesterday night... I also FC saints of los angeles in the same evening. What a week!!!:D

    Sorry for my bad english, I am from Montreal and I usually speaks french. But I swear I really SINGS in english (I don't hummm the songs) lol
  • whodeyvolswhodeyvols Unsigned
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    I finally beat green grass on exp guitar. After about 5 months and prob more than 50 trys I was not only able to get through the snake parts, but was abel to do so without useing star power. what a great day, now Ill prob get hit by a car or something to put me back in my place.
  • Drift-X-EngageDrift-X-Engage Unsigned
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    Getting though the Sleepwalker and insane Constant Motion solo. After my sightread I was just like Wtf! But after a second run at both songs I made it through. My owned-to-beaten ratio is even again! :D
  • benderbenderbenderbender Unsigned
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    This week we hit our final goal. We got 5 stars on every song in the endless setlist. We did this with expert guitar and expert bass.
    Here is the picture. It may not say expert in the picture but you can tell by the number of fans we picked up.
  • TheSilverbackTheSilverback Unsigned
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    Finally got around to trying Ride the Lightning expert guitar after weeks and I beat the zigzags at the end of the solo without any star power which makes me very happy.
  • irondentistirondentist Opening Act
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    TheSilverback;1042317 said:
    Finally got around to trying Ride the Lightning expert guitar after weeks and I beat the zigzags at the end of the solo without any star power which makes me very happy.
    Good work. Any tips on how you finger tapped the solo? Do you post vids on youtube? If so please provide a link.
  • LailLail Unsigned
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    Three things:

    1 - Beat the Endless Setlist for the second time. This time we had a singer. All on expert, which launched us to 59th in the Band by Song Career Leaderboard (Boone Rock Saints). So now we have a full platinum band. Woot!

    2 - I FINALLY hit one of the drum rolls in Run to the Hills as well as did AWESOME (in my opinion) on the opening of Foreplay/Long Time

    3 - Then on my solo guitar career, I was playing one night and gold starred 10 songs and DOUBLED my scores on 21 songs! That scored my over 1,250,000 points on my solo guitar career score to get me up to 6,750,000.

    It was a good week :D
  • dastuffPS3dastuffPS3 Opening Act
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    I Just Pre-ordered Rockband 2!!! Woo hoo
  • blackknight76blackknight76 Rising Star
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    Passed RTL today...

    Thrasher, Snow, Constant Motion, and Sleepwalker are left on Expert Guitar now...

    that's two previously unbeaten songs in a week and a half on random attempts (just bored and wanted to try them), after I finished GGaHT earlier
  • DaimenDaimen Rising Star
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    I beat DFTR on expert drums.

    Finally. Weirdest thing was I had hit a brick wall on it for so long. I'd do ok on the roll but then lose the rhythm on the outro, or I would just fail the roll entirely.

    But then this time, I did ok on the roll thanks to overdrive and then cruised through the rest of the song; I was like "am I dreaming?"
  • edited August 2008
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    Gold Starred It Hurts On Guitar Next Imma Try To GS And FC It
  • LiveWire008LiveWire008 Opening Act
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    I beat Young Man Blues, expert drums. Brutal, brutal song. Couldn't believe I made it past the beginning, let alone the rest of the song since I'd never seen more than 30 seconds of it before.
  • akauDOUBLEu2349akauDOUBLEu2349 Opening Act
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    My having my xbox broken and not being able to play but keeping it together and not going crazy, 3 weeks is too long to wait for no more RRoD
  • zzledzzled Unsigned
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    I got my first gold stars! Say It Ain't So, I Think I'm Paranoid & Wanted Dead or Alive (Tier 1 Drums). But still getting my ass kicked by Next to You and Run to the Hills on the 'Hard' campaign. :o
  • dgator783dgator783 Opening Act
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    ive been on fire the last day or so on expert vocals, gold starring some songs that I have had trouble doing, I figured something out on Time We Had and it has helped me tremendously.......just being able to change ur octave when needed which for some reason Ive had trouble understanding and doing until far ive gold star'd the following:

    Time We Had (FC)
    Brainpower (Almost FC...missed the damn talkie at the end)
    Celebrity Skin (MIssed 1 line)
    Say It Aint So (missed one line)
    Should I Stay or SHould I Go (FC)

    and... Machine Head but no singing skill is required for that, as long as u can read!

    Ive almost Learned to Fly, I Think Im Paranoid, and Outside....jsut need to practice these more....i know if i can FC Time We Had I can do

    I just wish Sabatage wasnt such a whore to do, I worked on that for awhile and watched some vids...that will be the last one i
    Im aiming for the 10 million point at 9.3 and change....
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    I just finished the Endless Setlist on Expert with my fiancee. Youtube proof here:
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