Your Rock Band victory for the week...!


  • RecursiveRecursive Opening Act
    edited July 2008
    Finally beat RTTH on hard drums last night and got my Heavy Hitter achievement. Also decided to play some disc songs over the weekend after not playing them for months and added another million to my career score!
  • Thom1234Thom1234 Road Warrior
    edited July 2008
    I've achieved quite a lot in the past week:
    Expert Drums
    -5* WGFA
    -5* Date With The Night
    -GS GG&HT
    -At least 4* All songs I've got.
    -Completed Burn (4*(Harder than RttH IMO))
    -Completed The Perfect Drug (5*)

    Expert Guitar
    -Completed 93-ish% of GG&HT before failing

    Medium Vocals
    -Completed Most Songs

    Hard Vox
    -Completed Quite a Few Songs

    Expert Vox
    -FC'd Tame (For the achievement lol)
  • DZLDZL Unsigned
    edited July 2008
    finished my vocal solo tour on expert, getting achievements easy-expert
    finished my drum solo tour on expert, getting achievements easy-expert
    now just working on 5starring all the guitar songs which i've completed on expert (102/104 thrasher/afterlife)
  • OyleSlyckOyleSlyck Unsigned
    edited July 2008
    I finally hooked up my projector to my 360 and played Rock Band in 60 inches widescreen HD. It took some rearranging of furniture to get an area I could project to without obstruction. I don't know if it really made a difference, but psychologically it seemed that the charts were easier because the note charts were bigger and a lot easier to read.
  • RockingOutRockingOut Opening Act
    edited July 2008
    I gold starred Vasoline (on Drums)! And snapped by pedal...
  • trg007trg007 Your Ever Rocking RBN Forum Guru
    edited July 2008
    Made it into the top 10 for 360 expert vocals on ScoreHero with 11.35 million career score. That's the "true" leaderboard because it discounts glitched Blitzkrieg Bop scores. :)
  • ThrobingCaneThrobingCane Road Warrior
    edited July 2008
    akauDOUBLEu2349;934864 said:
    I finally 5*d RttH a few day ago that was my last one too. I never thought I'd be on hard drums let alone expert but here I am...we are:D
    I definetly think my RttH was a fluke:(
  • hewhoislikegodhewhoislikegod Road Warrior
    edited July 2008
    I just got gold stars on Cherub Rock (like ten minutes ago).

    Brings me up to 45/109.
  • BigMonkEBigMonkE Road Warrior
    edited July 2008
    So far I've fixed my drum pedal using only 3 colored pencils.
  • psymatiqpsymatiq Opening Act
    edited July 2008
    got my top score song to 403 k

    thanks GGAHT
  • Runa216Runa216 Road Warrior
    edited July 2008
    I started doing the singing/guitaring at thesame time. I am not up to expert on both yet, but I still did good. Hard vocals, expert guitar on train Kept a Rollin
  • andyb24andyb24 Opening Act
    edited July 2008
    got 2 stars on GGaHT on vocals and passed.
  • eoberteobert Unsigned
    edited July 2008
    I beat Go With the Flow on hard drums, allowing me to move on to the next tier of drums. I'm now stuck on DFTR and Cherub Rock, but I'm only 7 songs from beating the Hard Drum Tour.
  • blackplastic22blackplastic22 Opening Act
    edited July 2008
    I finally fced the Tom Sawyer solo in a run. To bad I didn't know the right od path >.<
  • Sonic_SnowmanSonic_Snowman Rising Star
    edited July 2008
    I went through some of the DLC that I don't play very much and gold starred quite a few of them on guitar. About 8 total I think, so I have over 40 gold stars now for guitar.
  • OakTeaOakTea Road Warrior
    edited July 2008
    Two things for me!
    Beat the Endless Setlist with a sorta' full-medium band. Four people, but I was on Hard vocals. My lowest was 94%, and nothing else was below 96%. We got 4 stars on 2-4 songs or so, but everything else was a 5!

    That, and two days before that, I raised my scores to over 8 million on guitar!
  • Room_on_FireRoom_on_Fire Road Warrior
    edited July 2008
    I got 1000/1000 and got my total rank (guitar, drums, and vox) down to a reasonable score of 15,000ish. 3k on guitar, 4k on drums, 8k on vocals.
  • akauDOUBLEu2349akauDOUBLEu2349 Opening Act
    edited July 2008
    ThrobingCane;935052 said:
    I definetly think my RttH was a fluke:(
    I think I got a little lucky with the drum roll after the solo but I played it again(band world tour) and hit the three bass pedal part during the solo and the drum roll so I think I for the most part have it down:D

    Also unrelated:
    I beat endless setlist a week ago and got 288/290 stars on it with a friend (expert bass/drums). the two songs we got 4 stars on we're run to the hills and brainpower
  • DJTiggerDJTigger Unsigned
    edited July 2008
    this weeeknd i got my 5 in a row achievements for tug and score duel
  • CowSharkCowShark Opening Act
    edited July 2008
    Passed Smokin' on Expert Vocals and Guitar at the same time.
  • shayboshaybo Road Warrior
    edited July 2008
    I finally dumped my PS3 version and switched to 360. Massive victory!!
  • darlenerules14darlenerules14 Opening Act
    edited July 2008
    This was a big achievement week for me.

    Thursday I won a challenge at the Delaware state fair (get 95%+ on expert on Enter Sandman) with my mom and we each won a t-shirt and a video game. We also had the highest score so far the whole summer on that song.

    Saturday night we got the hall of fame achievement in BWT mode and I was pretty upset to discover that I don't have a clear drum set.
  • kittenkabodelkittenkabodel Unsigned
    edited July 2008
    I beat flirting with disatser on expert : ) but can't beat gg+ht on guitar
  • Katdaddy2Katdaddy2 Unsigned
    edited July 2008
    Scored 95% on Working Man (Vault Ed.) on guitar.

    Had 12 songs that I couldn't beat on expert guitar out of the ~160 songs I now have. I chipped away 3 of those in one session on Saturday (I was like a man posessed), now down to 9.

    I got to 83% complete four times on GG&HT. I think the end may draw nigh.:D

    Just need to decide whether or not it's more valuable to practice Rockband or practice on my Epiphone acoustic... :)
  • FrogKid28FrogKid28 Rising Star
    edited July 2008
    I beat guitar tour on hard, cause i had never plplayed through the tours before.
    ive got two songs left for expert
  • guitarguru2112guitarguru2112 Opening Act
    edited July 2008
    I beat drums on Expert today! It was the last thing keeping me from beating all three solo careers on expert. At the BRE on Run to the Hills I went wild. It was the new Reaper for me. I'm just really excited right now!
  • elfenliedelfenlied Opening Act
    edited July 2008
    i finaley got ballroom blitz on expert gutar now i am stuck on cherub rock exp gutar
  • Chris_GonzalezChris_Gonzalez Rising Star
    edited July 2008
    I got through Blinded by Fear this week. I've been playing the song for months with 2 sticks (and could only get to like 29%), so I finally gave in and played with 3 sticks. :(

    I also five starred March of the Pigs on a practical sight read (after not playing the song since I bought it).
  • Leviathan1223Leviathan1223 Unsigned
    edited July 2008
    Beat don't fear the Reaper and Run to the hills on expert drums today, got the achievement today to prove it :) needless to say i was very excite yes
  • SM2535SM2535 Rising Star
    edited July 2008
    Update from earlier -

    Beat drum tour on Medium. 4 or 5 starred everything except for RttH. That's with a red pad that registers every other hit, at best.

    Oh. And the only song of the last three tiers that I five-starred...Won't Get Fooled Again. Odd. On medium, at least, Keith Moon's drumming isn't all that unpredictable :)

    Think I'm going to wait for the RB2 bundle to come out before I do anymore serious drumming. No point with a pad that sucks as much as mine does.
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