Your Rock Band victory for the week...!


  • theblobtheblob Banned
    edited September 2008
    Finally FC'd Train Kept' A rollin on Ex Guitar.

    Took me forever
  • PsycoCheerioPsycoCheerio Rising Star
    edited September 2008
    Finished up all the bonus songs on XDrums and got lucky enough to score a copy of RB2 from a local (kinda) gamestop...
  • NinaDNinaD Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    I FINALLY beat GG&HT on Hard Bass I have only ever done 82% of the song until tonight (and this is solo, no band members helping me out)! Too bad it was a messy score 76%!
  • depthdefydepthdefy Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    I beat Bite the Hand that Feeds You for the first time on expert drums (the speed of the song was a killer for me) and went on to beat the next tier of songs one after the other on my first try. I was seriously in the zone that day.
  • MythiKMythiK Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    I had a lot of victories about....2 hours ago.

    I finally....even though it almost dominated my arm in the process...5* Snow on Expert Guitar.....and now I think I can actually Gold Star it.

    Finally beat Thrasher on Expert Guitar. I did horrible but...I beat it. All I ask for.

    And I upped my percentage on the 'Constant Motion' solo by breaking the 75% still sucks like a mofo to play.

    And I Gold Starred Screaming For Vengeance.....I have no clue how I did it though. Only got 93% and had OD remaining....Must've been a very good run or something...I dunno.

    By the way....the Snow/Thrasher/Constant Motion victories were ONE AFTER breaks in between either....I really think I was going for the victory of losing my hands during that set....

    Tomorrow I'm going for FC's on Hammerhead and Toxicity....really want to get them out of the way before Rock Band 2 because I get -1 on both of them.....
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    edited September 2008
    I finally, FINALLY beat Charlene. Man, that one's a pain in my gluteals!

    Also, I got my Score Duel Streak. And that's five in a row, with none of them dropping out early! (Not to say I haven't run into that behavior, but I somehow managed five victories in a row without losing or them disconnecting!)
  • LesPaul5391LesPaul5391 Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    I just beat GGaHT on expert guitar. I've had Rock Band since the day it launched. At first I played guitar and drums pretty equally; as I progressed I started playing drums more. Eventually I reached a point where I had only one song left on my expert guitar tour, while my drumming was considerably more advanced than that. Sick of GGaHT, I started to drum exclusively, not really touching the guitar for months. Well, I've had a bit of an RMA delay on my drums, so I decided to give GGaHT another try. Tried it a few times two days ago, a few times yesterday, and finally beat it today. It took me forever, but that's not affecting this feeling of victory!
  • zztoddzztodd Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    :D Flawless Drummer, and Flawless Groove Achievements! I have been trying to get the drummer one for some time, my red pad sucks! The Bass achievement was just an unexpected surprise! I don't play bass often. :D
  • DaddyODaddyO Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    Finally gold starred Should I Stay or Should I Go on guitar. Pathetic, I know, but I had trouble with going too fast on pulling off RB to hit a single R until I really focused on it. And, it wasn't because of the new GS changes. I really killed it. Ranked around 9000, which is great for me :p

    Also GS'd Maps, Orange Crush, and When We Were Young. Only one did I miss the old GS cutoff - by less than 100 points. I'll take them though.

    Brings my number of gold starred songs up to 10!
  • churnekchurnek Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    This time solo on vox/bass!
  • Sid KafizzSid Kafizz Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    hewhoislikegod;1177859 said:
    Back to back to back gold stars on expert guitar.

    - Something About You (Man! I love Boston!)

    That's my absolute favorite song (expert drums) so far. Not that it's that hard - it's just FUN!:D

    Oh, no real acheivements lately - I've been stuck on Dead on Arrival on the solo drums tour for weeks. I think that I'm just too old & slow to ever pass it. :(
  • zerofanzerofan Road Warrior
    edited September 2008
    hewhoislikegod;1158258 said:
    It was a good post, until the word medium popped up. :p
    Hey easy on those who do Medium...I mean I prefer Hard level myself, but when I didnt have my buddy there to do it with me I had no choice but to do Guitar and Vocals, Endless Setlist, by myself on Medium! It was a blast and I wouldnt have gotten through it on Hard by myself...with a friend yes...
  • nmitsthefishnmitsthefish Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    This week my new accomplishment is Expert Drums Foreplay/Long Time FC.. twice.. once without a path and once with Constables glitch path. =)
  • screwtopscrewtop Rising Star
    edited September 2008
    I finally gold starred 3 of the Boston songs on guitar.
  • VolviVolvi Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    Run To The Hills... hard drums... yayyyyy!
  • JSchmidt85JSchmidt85 Rising Star
    edited September 2008
    Flawless drumming and 100% on drum roll part in TKaR
  • vandalizemenow00vandalizemenow00 Road Warrior
    edited September 2008
    Top 250 (PSN) band by fans voxtar.
  • HockeywallHockeywall Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    I've beaten every song on hard that i have [142 dlc, thrash pack, metallica, etc.] besides RTTH. 5starred the thrash pack and all the metallica songs! Then four starred AJFA on expert drums with a 93%.
  • Tjfraz1Tjfraz1 Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    Got 4 stars on GGaHT in World tour on guitar and bass. I primarily play bass but we (me and my gf) switched and we beat it. I literally held my breath for the last 2.5 minutes of the song. Then i jumped up and down and almost passed out. I was (and am) really happy about it. Side note: About 2 hours earlier, I told my friends we would beat it before I pick up the game on Tuesday.
  • Nev3rend3rNev3rend3r Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    I beat Don't fear the Reaper expert drums(4 stars) and beat guitar solo tour on expert.

    the only song left to beat on drums is run to the hills

    Oh and my band reached 1 million fans
  • southside_wolfsouthside_wolf Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    5GS Sugar Magnolia, 98th in the world on PS3
  • xIceOhxxIceOhx Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    Finally gold-starred "The Perfect Drug" on drums. Even got above the pre-patch cutoff, which was even more satisfying. Probably my best gs so far, just because I couldn't even pass the song about a month ago.
  • VoodooVoodoo Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    Well i got my 1st goldstar ever...drums on monsoon..LOL

    Oh and i managed to play trough highway star without dropping my sticks :)
  • ClassicCarrawayClassicCarraway Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    My RB victory for the week is transferring the songs from the disc to my hard drive, and then promptly deleting those songs (which I refuse to name because I want nothing more to do with them) from "The Outlaws", "Honest Bob", and "Freezepop".
  • SoupRKnowvaSoupRKnowva Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    beating Aesthetics of Hate on expert drums...woot!! and getting close to beating hammerhead :P
  • visceral9visceral9 Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    I finally finished up my expert drum tour by beating Won't Get Fooled Again and Run to the Hills. The jam session in the former was giving me trouble, but I managed to squeak through with a centimeter of red bar left before the final drum solo hit and I magically pulled that out of my arse.

    Run to the Hills seemed impossible, as I could only make it to the guitar solo section before failing. That's when I decided to try holding the sticks incorrectly with my index finger on top and it actually helped increase my speed on the hat and increase the accuracy of the yellows. Go figure. Having this accomplishment come so close to the release of Rockband 2 feels really damn satisfying :).
  • ShivaShiva Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    1. I finished up my hard drum tour by beating Run to the Hills.
    2. I got my first gold stars. (Drums) (Say it aint so, I think i'm paranoid, Gimme shelter).
    3. I finally beat Green grass and high tides on guitar hard. (I still need to beat Flirtin with disaster to finish career hard guitar).

    Oh, and my band reached 1 million fans!!!
  • OzoneJunkieOzoneJunkie Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    Expert guitar, beat: Snow (hey oh hells yeah!), Constant Motion, Aethetics of Hate
    Expert vocals: FC'd Electric Version
  • nubyw00tznubyw00tz Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    FC'd Joker and the Thief, got 95% on Thrasher Solo 2.
  • SeldomseenSeldomseen Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    I finally 5-starred RttH on Expert Voxtar (but unfortunately, not on the Hall of Fame Setlist, so I'm still sitting on 39/40 stars for that one).
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