Your Rock Band victory for the week...!


  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    edited September 2008
    Managed to pass DFtR Hard by way of conserving OD towards the end. I'll have to find a way of passing that section properlike if I ever want to make it through Expert.

    I'm one RttH away from Heavy Hitter.
  • HollywoodBoundHollywoodBound Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    Mine was just being able to obtain a copy of RB2. I went into gamestop at 10am on Sunday and they only had 2 copies available that weren't set aside for pre orders. So being able to get the game itself was mine!
  • hewhoislikegodhewhoislikegod Road Warrior
    edited September 2008
    hewhoislikegod;1248821 said:
    Added over 200,000 to my career score, after I thought I had already peaked.

    Jumped over 200 places on the PSN leaderboards.
    Added 200,000 more to my career score and jumped another 200 spots on the PSN leaderboards.

    Back to back days of adding 200,000 to my career score and jumping 200 spots on the leaderboards, after I thought I had peaked.

    I'm pretty sure I'm done now, though.
  • timothydog76timothydog76 Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    Gold starred Tom Sawyer on Expert drums yesterday with my ION kit. Checked the RB2 Leaderboards later in the day and I was 16th place! Wow. I'm not used to being that high.
  • MaddenManMaddenMan Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    I just gold 5 Starred a song on expert, never done that before.
  • habhaphabhap Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    I made some sort of mental plateau leap and passed Constant Motion and Ride the Lightning on expert guitar, and can seem to consistently do well on them now. Only thing I haven't passed now is Thrasher and Snow.
  • Lord_MhoramLord_Mhoram Road Warrior
    edited September 2008
    I sing on easy (all I have is a crappy 360 headset mic, and to be honest I'm not that good). I usually 4 or 5 star songs, and I have done a bit on medium....

    So I decided to try performance mode (tailor made for Vox I think).
    Skullcrusher Mountain - I song I know by heart, on medium.


    Pretty cool.
  • MontresorMontresor Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    Finally beat Blackened on expert guitar (only hit 80% of notes, but oh well). Now if I could just conquer RtL I'll be done with Metallica...
  • SongbladeSongblade Rising Star
    edited September 2008
    I DIDN'T play Rock Band to excess the last two weeks. I started college and need the time to study/work on assignments.

    I consider this a victory as I have a horribly addictive personality... My Rock Band victory was this: learned to play in moderation.

    (oh, and made it to 2160th in the leaderboards for Guitar ... that's probably changed since the 13th.)
  • trg007trg007 Your Ever Rocking RBN Forum Guru
    edited September 2008
    Conquered the Endless Setlist 2 on vocals! Got 80/84 gold stars and the Steel Bladder achievement. My hat goes off to anyone who can get that achievement as a solo player on expert drums or guitar.
  • GoshdarnitGoshdarnit Rising Star
    edited September 2008
    My RB victory this week was getting in with a pre-order at DVDBoxOffice the day they started taking pre-orders for PS3. :) 1 month to go...
  • ChewyChavezIIIChewyChavezIII Rising Star
    edited September 2008
    I went to bed before 2AM last night, and I am not tired at work today.

    VICTORY!!!!! SUCCESS!!!!
  • SpecialJSpecialJ Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    I went back to RB1 to try to get the last 3 songs I need to finish the Hard tour.

    Train Kept a Rollin' and Green Grass and High Tides finally got beat. 3 stars and it wasn't pretty. Had to hold on to Overdrive during those solos (came within a sliver of losing GGaHT a couple times when I'd get some white notes in the nick of time) but victory is mine!

    Flirting with Disaster is all that stands in my way.
  • toMsons1987toMsons1987 Road Warrior
    edited September 2008
    Beat Visions with out star power, so yea. I am happy's!!!!
  • haruki_jitsuninharuki_jitsunin Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    I beat all but two songs of the on-disk rockband 2 songs. Those two: visions and panic attack. This is, of course, on expert drums.
  • capnhowdy69capnhowdy69 Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    Platinum artist and steel bladder... oh yeah...
  • quinakingquinaking Road Warrior
    edited September 2008
    Scored Rock Band 2 Thursday and beat the Impossible Expert Vocal challenge 12 hours later. Spoonman is harder than Bob Dylan and the System song I don't know why it's listed as easier.
  • OzoneJunkieOzoneJunkie Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    Finally, got my drum career into the 8 million mark (RB1 FTW!). That makes me happy \o/

    EDIT: finally beat Hammerhead expert drums
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    edited September 2008
    First Drum GS (Wonderwall, I think. It could have been Live Forever, I suppose.).

    More GSes in Guitar, including one Tier 9. Currently remaining in career:

    *Creep - 113k - 114,701
    *Electric Version - 165k - 170,327

    *Black Hole Sun - 108k - 110,083

    Ballroom Blitz - 132k - 158,953
    Dead On Arrival - 193k - 207,672
    *Vasoline - 108k - 120,351

    Flirtin' With Disaster - 169k - 185,113
    Train Kept a-Rollin' - 106k - 160,156
    Run to the Hills - 90k (4*) - 111,949 - 170,107
    Green Grass and High Tides - 334k - 413,106

    The starred ones are those that are GS with the new cutoff, but not the old cutoff.
  • Evoracer22Evoracer22 Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    3 accomplishments for me:
    Gold Starred Electric Eye
    and 5 starred Sleepwalker
    Also beat the Entire Peace Sells album
  • ForSakeNForSakeN Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    2 for me today.

    5* visions
    Gold starred hammerhead (OLD cutoff)

  • squiggerzsquiggerz Rising Star
    edited September 2008
    Man, last night I was playing score duels and I'm almost 100% sure I played the legendary Sluggo.. checked his GT and it said something about Gamespy's Scorehero.. and he's friends with Wulfe and HMXDanT.. so it had to be him - or a REALLY good imitation - good like guitar skills good I mean.

    I gotta tell ya, I knew he was good, it was like a geeky version of an average joe playing michael jordan one-on-one..

    Played One Way or Another -- killed me

    very next match was against him too, Celebrity Skin..

    I BEAT HIM! He missed one note..

    Now I know people are gonna say 'he's only human and bound to make mistakes', but I'm telling you, after watching this guy FC so much stuff on youtube... it's like WOW, I took down a giant

    Of course we played another sometime later and he slaughtered me, but that one win was worth the beating I took :)

  • HypnoziaHypnozia Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    FINALLY beat Flirtin' with Distaster guitar hard on my solo tour! It took a few weeks and I kept giving up in disgust. I took a week off from RB.
    Today I tried it after 2 warm up songs and I beat it the first time I played it (76%, 3 stars, finished in the yellow, okay solo) woo hoo!
    I had literal tears in my eyes as I finished the big rock ending. Then I promptly tried GGaHT and got beat at 67% lol...
    Go me!
  • banballowbanballow Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    Well, I decided to try a Mystery Setlist today on Hard, rather than my usual Medium.

    First song, I got 4 Stars 90%... :(
    ... second and third songs, I got 5 Stars in the high 95%+... :)
    ... final song, I got 5 Stars 100%. :D

    ... then I realized that Day Late, Dollar Short was only an "Apprentice" song, so I downgraded myself back to... :)
  • osteofightosteofight Road Warrior
    edited September 2008
    I had a gold star streak on expert vox tonight: Testify (not the 1st time), Cherub Rock and Tom Sawyer. Now I can't get rid of the latter so I gaze upon my high score in the playlist :D
  • mysticnejimysticneji Road Warrior
    edited September 2008
    Beating the whole Megadeth album on Expert drums. Not on a sightread of course, I was way to tired and shouldn't even had tried playing them when I got them because of it. But the next day when I was well rested and feeling like my old self I beat them all, even 5 starred 3 of them, Devil's Island, I Ain't Superstitious and Wake Up Dead.
  • a28ozSlurpeea28ozSlurpee Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    Finally beat GGHT on expert guitar.....

    Except it was in a mystery setlist on Rock Band 2. :(
  • j00zt1nj00zt1n Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    Five stars on Panic Attack consistently now.

    Four stars on Young Man Blues (f that song).

    Missed one note (bass kick after a fill, totally my stupid fault) on Lazy Eye.
  • PrimusDPrimusD Unsigned
    edited September 2008
    I learned that if you have a guitar/bass to save you after the intro, Painkiller and Panic Attack aren't that hard on drums.

    Once I get my ION kit I'm sure I'll be able to play them on my own, but it's nice to have gotten the Impossible Drum Challenge and the Rolling Stone event out of the way already.
  • Rook04Rook04 Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    ok it was on Dirty Little Secret
    But Still
    Yay ME!!!!
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